Dr. Heavenly’s Job Advice Has Fans In A Fury. Here’s Why. – Nicki Swift

Although Dr. Heavenly Kimes' advice to work for free was slammed by many, she went on to defend her point of view.

"Employers take advantage of people who are good workers and accept lesser pay ... They [are] not getting what they deserve," one person replied to herTwitter tip, to which she responded, "Not true., if you bring money to the business. By being a top producer and/or. You have skills most do not. With a great attitude...The employer will pay more to keep you!"

She didn't stop there and continued to make some pretty big assumptions about her critics."Heavenly out here promoting slavery in 2021. You out here giving your best for free. Spending money you don't have to get to a job that doesn't pay..." anotherwrote to Dr. Heavenly."Nope, I'm trying to help you get a job!! Chances are [you're] not doing anything anyway ... probably collecting unemployment ... Why not prove yourself for the job you want! THINK. !!! However, closed-minded people will never get ahead," she slammed in response.

Someone else even called her advice "exploitation," prompting her towrite,"Stay jobless, you just don't get it. But a successful person knows it doesn't happen overnight you have to go get it!" Plus, when another fan called her remarks, "bulls**t," she was quick to pass judgment, stating, "I can already tell you are unemployed!"Despite the backlash, it looks like Dr. Heavenly's sticking to her word.

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Dr. Heavenly's Job Advice Has Fans In A Fury. Here's Why. - Nicki Swift

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