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MADRID, SPAIN - DECEMBER 15: A Commander Cody clone trooper figure is exhibited at the 'Star Wars Exhibition' at Telefonica flagship store on December 15, 2017 in Madrid, Spain. (Photo by Eduardo Parra/Getty Images)

Star Wars fans are familiar with the evolution of the grand army of the Republic and the final dreaded outcome that was to befall the clones troopers.

After three long years of war, clone troopers across the galaxy dropped their Jedi comrades like a bad habit in an instant and without warning once Order 66 was issued by Palpatine.

But did at any given point in time any of the clone troopers feel guilty and/or full of remorse before, during or after the slayings?

Not likely.

We are familiar with Rex and other clone troopers that were not included in the mass killings of the Jedi. But for those that partook it was just like flipping a switch, one second your fighting alongside the Jedi and the next you are blasting them away.

A key thing is that only the Jedi (and still the separatists) were targeted by the clones. Any senators or other beings who were sympathetic to the Jedi were kept alive as long as they didnt fight with the troops. As we see is the case with Bail Organa at the Jedi Temple, when he asks whats going on.

Bail Organa arrives at the Jedi temple upon seeing the smoke. He exits his speeder and is greeted by clone troopers. Whats going on here, asks the senator.

Theres been a rebellion,sir, dont worry the situation is under control, replies one of the troopers, who then aims his blaster at Organa and states, Im sorry sir, its time for you to leave.

Bail Organa replies, and so it is. He turns to leave as a young Jedi attacks the clones, but alas the numbers are too much and the youngster is killed. Senator Bail Organa cries out in horror and bails into his speeder and doesnt look back. He later recounts this harrowing scene to masters Yoda and Kenobi.

Interesting then that the trooper is able to differentiate Jedi and Organa, after he has just blasted down many Jedi in the temple. There likely was no remorse for the Jedi because Order 66 was akin to a switch being flipped. An order implanted since day one. Only Sith would be truly evil enough and posses ruthlessness and cunning needed enough to organize a mass extermination of Jedi and have it play out more than a decade later.

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Clone troopers feeling remorse amid execution of Jedi - Dork Side of the Force

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