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Clones. Am I right?

It's a tried and tested trope for TV, Film and especially comic books, and with good reason. After all what better foe to fight against than yourself, especially if that version is nefariously evil and has a great laugh. In the medium of video games especially clones can create some of the best boss encounters or hurdles for the player to overcome as they know all your moves and all of your weaknesses.

These mirror matches can be arduous slogs as you are forced to think outside the box at the best of times, but what if the clone is actually superior to the original? You'll see a lot of examples where it might not be a spitting image but that's because version 2.0 over here is rocking more beef that a butchers window.

Here you have an even tougher fight ahead of you, because if you can't beat yourself then how in the hell are you going to beat your doppelganger who's been hitting the gym more than twice a month? HOW!?


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10 Video Game Clones That Kicked Your (Own) Ass - WhatCulture

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