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Sophomore finance majors Evan Thorell, William Turner and Peter Rasmussen connected with each other throughout high school and their freshman year of college because of their mutual interest in cryptocurrency.

Evan Thorell is the president of the Cryptocurrency Club. He said the club has 25 members and meets biweekly on Tuesdays from 5:30 p.m. to 6:30 p.m. Other officers include treasurer and graduate student William Turner, primary programmer Peter Rasmussen and advisor Steve Hegemann, an assistant professor of accountancy. The three students said they founded the club because of their mutual interest in cryptocurrency. More specifically, they all want to educate UNL students about this new and exciting form of commerce.

According to Thorell, a typical meeting of the Cryptocurrency Club starts out with the explanation and discussion of a large topic within cryptocurrency like mining, blockchain or trading techniques. The group also covers current events such as a recent development in France.

Thorell also said there is a Coin of the Week segment during the meetings where students interested in investing in cryptocurrency can learn the differences between scams and legitimate cryptocurrency.

The Cryptocurrency Club is one of a kind, Rasmussen said. The club hopes to inform and teach members the basics of different coins and the technology behind them.

Thorell said he originally became interested in cryptocurrency after joining a club at the University of Arizona, and he decided to carry this interest over to UNL when he transferred.

I realized its potential with tech and innovation, he said. In a way, it is really mimicking the Internet, where it is only being used by criminals and nerds.

Thorell said that the club tries to avoid using difficult vocabulary for new members, but they often have in-depth discussion when questions arise.

Cryptocurrency is very interesting to me because it is an unknown, Thorell said. Its new, different and challenges ideas. If you know the potential in it, you could be the next Amazon.

Turner said he joined the club because he had some previous experience with cryptocurrency and margin trading.

I havent really been involved with clubs in the past, so I was really excited, he said. [Evan] told me the overview of the club, and I agreed with what he wanted to make of it.

Turner also said he sees a lot of potential in the future of cryptocurrency.

It will be very important in the future, he said. In five to ten years, the world will revolve around crypto, or it will be a lot bigger in the eyes of users.

Thorell said he is passionate about cryptocurrency as a future market. Even so, he said he has hopes for the long-term existence of the Cryptocurrency Club and its continuation after he graduates.

If youre joining the club, youre a believer in change ... you want to change something about society, he said. Its a place for motivated people to do something and find other motivated people.

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Cryptocurrency Club created to educate students on new form of commerce - Daily Nebraskan

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