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When I think about how soca music makes me feel, I beam from the inside.Charge it to my Trinidadian roots, but whenever a big chune plays (old or new)my eyes close, hands go up,head tilts backand my waistline sways to the rhythm.

For meand millions ofothersocafans worldwide, no other genre of music exudes the euphoria that soca does. The up-tempo groovy beatsa modern twist to its forefather calypsoinstantly elevate any mood. (Press play on these classics for an instant mood booster: Dollar Wine by Collin Lucas; Nani Wine by Byron Lee & The Dragonaires or Turn It Around by Andy Armstrong & Square One). In many ways, soca fuels the Caribbean diaspora providing the vibes that anyone can levitate to. So the timing couldnt be more perfect for a fresh new live album from the icons ofthe genre, Kes.

Hailing from the twin islands of Trinidad and Tobago, the hub of carnivalin the Caribbean, the band breathesnewlife into a culture that has been largely sidelined due to the pandemic. We Home, the first major soca release since the COVID-19 outbreak hit T&T, ispure vibes from the moment the album begins. Neveronesto be boxed in, Kes has alwaysdelivereda sound that is was indistinguishably alltheir ownatrueeclecticfusion of islandmusic includingsoca, reggae, dancehall and pop.

Having previously shared the stage with music legends John Legend, Will Smith and Major Lazor,this new Kes collaboration features rising T&T calypso star Jimmy October and Tobagonian jazz performer Etienne Charles.

We Home gives fans a direct connection tothethe band, comprised of brothers Kees Dieffenthaller (lead vocals), Hans Dieffenthaller (drums), and Jon Dieffenthaller (guitar), along with long-time friend Riad Boochoon (bass guitar). It isgood vibes in a bottle, Kees told ESSENCE, who shared that the live version was purposeful and a way to give fans a front-row seat to the culture, even thoughcurrently,were all socially distant.

The color of paint that soca has become is happiness, so we really wanted this album to remind people what it is to feel happy again. This is really our personal concert for you, said Kees.Celebrations have also alreadybegun for the album asHello, the lead single on the live album, now holds the title for most YouTube plays of anysoca song in the last decade.

Althoughmost international travel may beinterrupted indefinitely, enjoy a true taste of Caribbean culturewith this eclectic live album until you can experience the islands in-person again. The chunes on Kes We Home provide the perfect playlist to kick back, pour a drink and, as the locals say, free up yourself.

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Soca Artists Kes The Band Is Back With New Live Album Just In Time For Labor Day Weekend - Essence

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