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ANAHEIM, Calif. Disneyland has so many rides. The rides span from one end of the park to other. Theres some in ToonTown, others in Adventureland and then some in Fantasyland. Theres just so many rides to enjoy.

I decided to experience plenty of rides for my first visit to Disneyland. I wanted to maximize my experience as much as I could so I sampled a slew of rides to see which ones stood out.

Its hard to defeat Indiana Jones Adventure in terms of quality. Its a thrill ride from beginning to end. The music swells around you. Guests are given a top experience that is really unmatched. Theres a reason why the wait time for this ride is always so long. Lots of people want to experience the breathtaking ride. Its definitely a must-ride for first-timers and anyone who visits Disneyland thereafter.

I have to be honest. Space Mountain ranks so high on my list because I rode in the front seat of the ride. You see nothing but black skies and bright stars. The ride jerks you around, cutting one way and then dipping another. Its a wild ride through space. I wish the Star Wars Galaxys Edge rides would have done something similar. But Space Mountain is its own unique experience that is truly hard to beat.

The dips, the dives, the cuts and the turns of Big Thunder Mountain create a thrilling experience. Add in the outdoor element of the sun and light breeze and it is a perfect ride to get you through the day, especially when you need something fun to lift your spirits.

This is the OG. Spinning a tea cup, whipping the center plate around. It just doesnt get better than the Mad Tea Party. You leave in a daze youre definitely dizzy and losing balance. Its such a fun experience thatll have you and your friends laughing.

Look, I get it. Were sick of Johnny Depp and Captain Jack Sparrow. But as we await Pirates of the Caribbean 6, checking out the original pirates ride is well worth it as Disneyland. The muggy rooms, the small waves and the swashbuckling pirates provide a creepy, dark and fun experience that makes you remember what made the original POTC film so exciting.

I had no idea what to expect with Soarin but it was definitely one of the most entertaining rides at Disneyland. Lifting high into the air, moving slightly backward you definitely feel like youre flying in the air. There were several times where we dipped toward the pyramids or the ocean when I thought I was legit going to hit water. Such a fun time and well worth the wait.

Its nice to take a gentle ride through the water and the jungle, especially when youve been walking around all day and need a break. But a lot of this depends on your captain. Some captains are funnier than others. My captain was sort of funny but she was throwing too much shade at us on the boat, which made us feel a little uneasy about whether we should laugh at our experience.

The wait was five minutes so I decided to check out this ride. It was zany, crazy and ridiculous. But in a way, it was the perfect Disneyland ride. It was so silly that it brought me back to what it felt like to be a child. I love how it made me feel young again. Being an adult is hard. Just laugh while youre on a ride. Its just a ride, after all.

This was my second ride of the day. I got soaked. It wasnt even the final descent that got me. It was a random sputter of water from one of the holes in the side. I got super wet from this ride and had to dry off the rest of the day. But its a Disneyland classic one you cant ignore.

Look, its a short ride. Waiting 50 minutes for maybe five minutes of ride doesnt seem like great return on investment. But theres magic with Peter Pans Flight. Soaring over London is an amazing experience. Seeing Peter Pan and Captain Hook battle is cute, too. Its a nice and simple ride to pass the time as you wait for something more. Definitely worth a look.

Similar to Jungle Cruise, this depends a lot on your host. The ride is cute and romantic. But my boat was in danger of tipping since one side of it had four people and the other had close to seven (including yours truly who is, for lack of a better phrase, a little bigger). But the messages and references to Disney movies are cute and entertaining. Definitely a good late-night ride to cap off the evening.

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