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When it comes to characters in films, the list can go on and on for whose the best and who's everyone's favorite. Out of every list and every possibility however, there's one thing most people can agree on: No one is quite like Captain Jack Sparrow.

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Ever since Johnny Depp graced the world with Sparrow inCurse Of The Black Pearl, he's become a household name, with many fans loving his character. Yet, despite loving Sparrow, there are many facts and details about him that people tend to forget happened. Here are 10 things everyone missed about Captain Jack Sparrow.

Although it's somewhat of a well-known fact, many audience members do tend to miss or forget that Jack Sparrow was marooned. Given Barbosa's mutiny, it's not surprising Jack was strandedand yet it's there'ssomething else people overlook.

When they see Jack Sparrow, they think of a cool, collected hero who can almost always overcome any obstacle thrown his way. Yet, when Jack was stranded, he relied on rum runners instead of himself for rescue, perhaps showcasing his true nature. Not as a legendary pirate but a lucky man.

Throughout many films, there are little bits that are seen as running jokes, where either the main character or someone close to them keeps running into trouble that's seen as a bit. For Jack Sparrow, one of his running bits is a key detail that many overlook.

During the series, Jack always has a compass with him that never points north, making many assume that it's broken. Thecompass is in fact magic to some extent and instead points towards what Jack desires the most, making for a handy tool.

Many words jump into people's heads when thinking of Jack Sparrow. They range from the world's greatest pirate to a drunken buffoon and yet one word that's never included ishero. In some cases, Jack is the unlikeliest of heroes despite being a pirate.

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In a deleted scene fromAtWorlds End, it's revealed that Jack was hired by Beckett, one of the film's villains, to deliver a shipment of slaves. However, Jack chose to free the slaves, leaving him branded with the mark of a pirate despite his heroics.

The notion of Jack Sparrow, a drunken yet likable and clever buffoon, could be a great captain is a ridiculous idea that would make any fan chuckle... despite it being true. Before Jack lost the Black Pearl to Barbosa and became seen as an outcast, he was a great captain.

Truth be told, audiencesnever hear of his legendary tales, and yet, throughout the films, movie-goers watch him navigate his way around even the leakiest of ships with ease as if he knows it like the back of his hand.

Everyone remembers the first time they saw Captain Jack Sparrow make his grand entrance on the big screen and recall his tale of how he lost the Black Pearl to his mutinous first mate, Barbosa. However, some fans tend to forget that Jack didn't just lose the Black Pearl once. He lost it twice.

At the end of the original Pirates trilogy, Jack returns to port, hoping to set sail on his newly reclaimed ship... only to watch it sail off into the distance with Barbosa at the helm.

There are many reasons why fans don't remember details and informationabout the fourth Pirates film,On Stranger Tides.For manyfans, it wasn't the strongest, especially after the original trilogy, and the ideaof Jack and the daughter being a couplewas a minor note.

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That being said, it's an odd noteandfeelsstrange to hear that Jack and Blackbeard's daughter were in love. Yet, when you look at her and then back at Jack, it makes a little sense as to why they were attracted.

In just about every movie no matter the genre, there's always a deal to be made with some kind of devil. Whether the devil comes in human form or that of a humanoid squid pirate, the results are still the same as Jack Sparrow discovered.

Even though it's a key plot point for most ofDead Man's Chest, Jack making a deal with Davey Jones for the Black Pearl is something many fans and audience members either miss or fail to remember.

As the old saying goes, "opposites tend to attract" and there's nothing more opposite than Jack Sparrow and Joshamee Gibbs. A pirate and a British sailor should and do have nothing in common or at least in most cases, they shouldn't.

Over the course of five films, however, the friendship between Jack and Gibbs goes largely unexplained, with the pair either having each other back while also trying to stab it as most friends do. It almost makes one wish for a spinoff centered around the duo's unlikely friendship.

It goes without saying that the universe ofPirates Of The Caribbean is one of the more bizarre andfascinating ones, full of historical tidbits mixed in with loads of myths, legends, and supernatural occurrences that plagued the seven seas.

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As it stands, Jack has gone up against numerous supernatural creatures and survived. From the goddess Calypso to a curse that makes the bearers skeletons to Davey Jones himself to mermaids and even ghosts, Jack has seen more than enough of both the real and supernatural sides of Pirates.

The true backstory of Captain Jack Sparrow will remain a mystery for a great number of fans and movie-goers and yet there's one fact that can be proven, the fact that Jack Sparrow has and always will be a pirate.

Since he was a sailor and took command following the dreaded Captain Salazar's attack, Jack has always been the pirate that fans love. While over the years his luck and lifemay have fallen on hard times, Jack willforever be the greatest pirate anyone's ever seen.

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