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Pirates of the Caribbeanhas truly stood the test of time. With five movies under its belt and two more on the way, there are plenty of stories to be told. One of those movies will be a continuation of the current series while another will star Margot Robbie in a female-fronted reboot.

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Fans have high expectations when it comes to these movies sincePirates of the Caribbeanis still one of the most beloved movie franchises out there today. However, it hasn't necessarily gotten better through its run. Viewers are definitely looking for some particulars in the next sequel and spin-off.

Fans asked and they shall receive: Margot Robbie is going to star in the reboot, which will not be connected to the main storyline. It's about time that a female pirate lead steps into the spotlight in a franchise that hasn't had too many women characters before.

There's also no reason that the sequel movie can't focus on a female character, pirate or otherwise, especially with some options available. Carina, Barbossa's daughter, or perhaps even Elizabeth (the Pirate King herself!) couldreturn after her brief cameo in the fifth movie.

Many fans are not clamoring for the return of Captain Jack. He has certainly run his course, having starred in all five movies. The character has really gone downhill over time. While he started the series as a smart man who was ten steps ahead of everyone around him, he descended into a drunken pirate who was barely along for the ride.

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There are plenty of other leads that can take his place, the most obvious being Will, who is poised to command the sixth movie with a resurrected conflict against Davy Jones. When it comes to Jack,audiencesmay have simply had their fill of the captain.

Pirates of the Caribbeanis iconic for a reason, as it knew how to write memorable characters. With Jack (the captain and the monkey), Pintel, Ragetti, Barbossa, Will, Elizabeth, Tia Dalma, and many more leading the way,lovable characters abound, even when they'retechnically bad news.

Both new movies have the opportunity to create new characters, whether they're comedic relief or serious members of the crew. It would be refreshing after all these years to fall in love with a new crew of pirates or even some fresh bad guys.

Technically,Pirates of the Caribbeanbegan asa dark story. It had cursed skeletons, wayward pirates, and plenty of gray skies on the sea. But the movies only got darker and darker. A lighthearted take (with a visually pleasing aesthetic) would serve to revive the tired franchise.

When Margot Robbie's crew sets sail, that would be the best chance to see a totally fresh take on the pirate world. Here's hoping that she can do for pirates what she did for Harley Quinn and have some fun on screen. Hopefully, the sixth film willalso be a bit lighter.

Many longtime viewers are already fan-casting who would be the best additions to the series, with names ranging from Karen Gillan to Florence Pugh. If there's one thingPirates of the Caribbeanhas always been good at, it's all-star celeb cameos for the best roles.

Whether it's Javier Bardem as a villainous captain or Bill Nighy as the legendary Davy Jones,the franchise didn't pull punches when it came to casting. The new movies have the potential to add more exciting names to a long list of hits.

Viewers have gotten attached to the central characters who make upPirates of the Caribbean,especially the original trifecta of Jack, Will, and Elizabeth. It would simply be painful to watch them get unhappy endings after all these years.

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Since Will is poised to star in the next sequel now that Davy Jones has possibly returned, it would be terrible to watch the former meet an untimely demise or get cursed again. He already got a happy ending, being reunited with Elizabeth and Henry, so the next movie should not resort to forced drama.

Many talented actors and fantastic characters have contributed to the series over the years, but the cast has not always been the most inclusive. Zoe Saldana made a splash in the first movie as Anamaria and no one could forget Naomie Harris's turn as Tia Dalma, but the franchise needs to create moreopportunities for diversity.

There are so many phenomenal actors of color who could seamlessly join the sixth film's cast, and the same can be said for the spin-off. Fans can't wait to see who gets cast next.

It's not exactly a secret thatPirates of the Caribbeanmovies became long, convoluted, and way too wacky. With so many supernatural and fantastical elements, it was easy for the series to go overboard.The next movies need to rein it in and bring back the excitement ofThe Curse of the Black Pearl's action-adventure status.

The spin-off has the potential to put together a straightforward and acclaimed movie about female pirates on the open sea, while the mainline sequel should stick to what the series does best: Character-driven adventures. Although Davy Jones was supernatural, it was really when they began adding too many villains andplot threads that the franchise crossed a line.

Pirates of the Caribbeanhas never taken itself too seriously and the actors seemed to have plenty of fun on set. While they cast many popular actors in major roles, they also brought on some fan favorites in cameos. Namely, Keith Richards and Paul McCartney stood out as Jack's family members.

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It was a fun nod to Jack's rock-star roots and inspiration, and the new movies should keep the gag going. These cameos never got in the way of the movie, so it would be a nice touch to see who stopped by the set for a day of dress-up.

The Curse of the Black Pearlfeltlike it could have been made in the Golden Age of Hollywood. The swashbuckling spectacle had the perfect mix of practical and special effects.

The movie magic was just that magical. But the movies went on to feature more and more CGI, until they transformed into indistinguishable blockbusters. The next movies should go back to the roots of the first one, taking care to portray the setting as realistically as possible while toning down the over-the-top effects or story beats.

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