Inside the 20,000-a-week Caribbean villa where Boris Johnson and Carrie Symonds will celebrate New Year – The Sun

BORIS Johnson and girlfriend Carrie Symonds arrived today at the 20,000-a-week, six-bedroom Caribbean villa where they will see in the New Year.

The couple arrived at the island paradise of Mustique to rest up after the hard-fought election campaign.






They couple celebrate the PMs dominant election win at the Oceanus, a Moroccan-style house nestled on the hilltops of Mustique.

Guests can pick from one of three private pools and will be looked after by a team of staff including a butler, housekeeper and private gourmet chef.

Boris and Carrie will be staying with the German aristocratic Von Bismarck family at the rented villa, although it is not clear who is picking up the tab.

However, the PM is understood to have paid for their British Airways flight.

After landing on a nearby island, the couple then took a small plane to Mustique.

Each of the villas master suites faces the ocean, offering romantic sunset evenings, while the property is made of natural materials.

A brochure for the villa says: The open air plan provides the perfect balance of indoor and outdoor living spaces.

"Multiple sunset decks and lounge areas with seven lighted water features make the property well suited for entertaining.

This tranquil villa rests harmoniously on a hilltop overlooking Britannia Bay, which offers perfect trade wind breezes and panoramic views of the surrounding Caribbean and lush landscape of the island.




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Mustique is a favourite of the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge, and is home to singers Mick Jagger and Bryan Adams, and the fashion designer Tommy Hilfiger.

Singer Harry Styles won a drinking competition on the island earlier this year.

It is owned by the Mustique Company, which is controlled by the islands residents.

PMs hol upgrade

BORIS and Carries luxury break is a cut above those taken by previous PMs.

His predecessor Theresa May goes on annual walking holidays around Snowdonia, Wales.

David Cameron was a regular visitor to Cornwall but took wife Samantha to Lanzarote for a short break.

And in 2009, Gordon Brown took his family to the Lake District.

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Inside the 20,000-a-week Caribbean villa where Boris Johnson and Carrie Symonds will celebrate New Year - The Sun

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