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Bellegarde Anba Tonl

Bellegarde Anba Tonl (Bellegarde, 2018)

Canadian percussionist and composer Daniel Bellegarde exploresthe encounters of 19th century European ballroom dance music with themusical genres from the French-speaking Caribbean on Anba Tonl.

The modernized styles featured on Anba Tonl include contradans(square dance), the quadrilles of Guadeloupe, Martinique, and Dominica;minuet-congo of Haiti; and Haitian twoubadou guitar music.

Bellegarde brought in musicians from diverse backgrounds who play typically European instruments like the violin and hurdy gurdy along with a wide range of percussion instruments and French Creole vocals.

Based in Montreal, Bellegarde has performed with numerousartists in the Quebec music scene as well as Cirque du Soleil.

The lineup includes Daniel Bellegarde on percussion and manouba (thumb piano); David Boulanger on violin; Hassan El Hadi on banjo and ud; Marco Jeanty on lead vocals; Toto Laraque on guitar, bass and banjo; Erik West-Millette on acoustic and electric bass; The Kreol Supremes Choir: Sylphir Soulafy, Cynthia Soudin and Cynthia Cantave; Nicolas Boulerice on hurdy-gurdy; Diol Kidi and Sacha Daoud on percussion; Frtiz Pageot on bass manouba; Francis Franklin Brisebois on guitar, bass and banjo; Jean Christophe Germain on violin; Bruno Rouyere on vocals; and Olivier St-Pierre on lap steel, manouba, mandolin, guitar, bass and banjo.

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Fascinating Recreations of 19th Century Caribbean Dance Music - World Music Central

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