Artistic Treasures of Caribbean Civilizations – Art & Object

Alongside works of art created by their better-known Tano peers, the exhibition will present objects created by the artists of the Tairona in northern Colombia, the diverse kingdoms in the Isthmus of Panama and Costa Rica, and the networks of sculptor communities in the Ula Valley, Honduras. Objects created from luxury materials including greenstone, shell, gold, and marble will underscore the range of trade connections between Caribbean peoples. In a fourth section, the exhibition will explore the ancestral legacies into the 20th century and today by incorporatingRumblings of the Earth (Rumor de la tierra), 1950, by painter Wifredo Lam (Cuban, 19021982), on loan from theSolomon R. Guggenheim Museum.

In conjunction with the exhibition, the Museum will offer a variety of educational programs in 2020, including anArtists on Artworksevent, a lecture,Conversations With a Curator(bilingual in English and Spanish),TeenCareer Lab, and aFamily Afternoon(for families with children ages 311).

These programs are made possible by The Reed Foundation.

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Artistic Treasures of Caribbean Civilizations - Art & Object

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