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Wellness travel is one of the fastest-growing travel segments within the vacation industry and the varieties on offer are only becoming more accessible, indulgent, and creative. Indeed many affluent travelers prefer to spend their money on resorts that focus on health, self-care, and spirituality, easily spending $1,400 per night. It's turned the trend into a $639 billion industry, according to the Global Wellness Institute.

The Caribbean region, in particular, makes an ideal base to detox, unplug, and splurge on healing with beautiful beaches, year-round sunshine, and local natural wonders.

Prices for these elevated experiences are more expensive than the typical hotel stay, but if you book off-season in summer or opt for a no-frills hotel that places the focus on wellness over highly-styled accommodations, you might pay as little as $77 per night. Of course, you can also choose ultra-luxury at five-star resorts that cater to indulgent spa packages, which run several hundred dollars per night.

With so much choice, we curated a list of impressive properties ranging from cheap, simple accommodations, to five-star resorts that start around $500 per night (don't worry, there's plenty included). We selected hotels based on our own travel experience and industry knowledge, checked against reviews from sites such as Trip Advisor and to incorporate feedback from fellow travelers.

These wellness getaways offer more than just a hotel, and will leave you with peace of mind, body, and spirit in addition to that healthy vacation glow.

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