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With the Pirates of the Caribbean movies more accessible than ever, and a summer season void of blockbusters, this month were diving deep into Disneys swashbuckling series. Grab your cutlass and hoist the colors: here be Polygons take on all things PotC.

When I was but a wee 13-going-on-14-year-old, my biggest crush was Davy Jones. Not the nautical superstition, but the tentacle-faced captain of the Flying Dutchman played by Bill Nighy (with the aid of a lot of CGI work) in the Pirates of the Caribbean movies. From the moment I saw his piercing blue eyes in the first trailer for Dead Mans Chest and heard his nasally Scottish accent, I had found the pirate for me.

As related in my conversation with my Polygon peers about our respective opinions about the most smoochable Pirates characters, my obsession with Jones in itself the subject of a chicken-or-egg debate over whether or not my Nighy crush came first or if Jones was the reason for it grew to such a fever pitch that my friends birthday gift to me was a poster of pictures of Bill Nighy and a Davy Jones head-topped pen. (At my obsessions peak, I forced all my friends to watch The Girl in the Caf at a sleepover, which they resigned themselves to.)

But why was a man with an octopus for a face so appealing? The reasons, as it happens, are many. Here is my Davy Jones manifesto, courtesy of my 13-year-old self:

1. Hes an emo rocker. For the same reasons I love bands like Panic! At the Disco, Fall Out Boy, and Jimmy Eat World, I love Davy Jones. The fact that he plays an instrument the organ, no less is already a huge plus, but hes also using music as a way of expressing all of his heartbreak and angst. His songs are just a big riff on the tune played by the matching pair of lockets he shares with his lost love, which is, if you ask me, very romantic! He also isnt afraid to play loudly enough for all of his crew members to hear it. Theres no shame in being emotionally vulnerable!

2. Hes funny. Despite being possibly the most feared pirate out there, hes not afraid to crack a few jokes every now and then. Granted, theyre at the expense of others (see: when he tells Will to feel free to go ashore whenever they make port which is only once every 10 years. Its funnier if you dont care about Will too much, i.e. if youre me and only have eyes for sweet Davy).

3. Hes hot. To be clear, I am into marine life, but not in a romantic way. I have no real desire to kiss an octopus. But Davy Jones has undeniable presence the way he stomps into any given scene is enough to send chills down anyones spine. He knows the value of a dramatic entrance! He also carries that nose for the dramatic (unfortunately no literal nose) into all of his interactions, occasionally adding extra syllables to words just for the sake of flourish. It all adds up to making that tentacle-y visage more appealing. He has a normal human mouth, at least, its just that his whole face is a little moist. And his eyes! My God. Theyre CGI, which is the only way to account for their superhuman ability to stare straight into the human soul. But if the fact that hes all octopus-y is an insurmountable dealbreaker, we do handily get a brief look at his human face, which is perfectly normal and extremely handsome.

4. Hes not really evil. Hes bitter, sure, but the whole reason he ends up pursuing Jack and company to begin with is because Jack breaks the terms of their agreement that Davy would bring the Black Pearl back in exchange for Jack serving 100 years on the Dutchman. This all could have been prevented if Jack Sparrow wasnt selfish! And his becoming a pawn of the East India Trading Company isnt his fault, either, as hes basically helping them under pain of death. They even force him to kill the Kraken, which is particularly cruel.

5. He has an awesome pet. So he only has it for one movie, but the Kraken rules, and even has its own theme music. Im sure its nice under some circumstances. Let me go on a ride on the Kraken.

6. A new relationship would be good for him. The fact that hes been hung up on Calypso for such a long time is romantic, especially since theyre both heartbroken over each other and it isnt just one-way pining, but the sheer amount of angst hes carrying around is exactly why he looks so much like an aquarium display. The state of the Dutchmans captain directly affects the state of the ship and the crew (hence the ship losing its barnacles once Will takes over) and, frankly, a makeover would be good for everyone. I know that the whole reason he became cursed to begin with was because he betrayed his main squeeze, but the third movie sees them coming to terms with and moving on from what happened (yes, here, moving on means Davy Jones dies), so you already know that hes capable of growth.

Though I dont think about Davy Jones as much, now, hes still always in my heart, and Im still as ready to go to bat for him as I was in 2006. Hes a perfect pirate, and I will always love him.

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Davy Jones: A love letter to Pirates of the Caribbeans Kraken-summoner - Polygon

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