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There was a time when the Pirates of the Caribbean films ruled the box office, and it was a given that a new entry would go on to become a blockbuster. These films were preceded and followed by a number of similar features as well, though, and if youre jonesing for a lot of adventurous fun, then this list is for you.

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Weve taken into account the blend of comedy, action, among many other things that can be found in the Pirates of the Carribeanseries to bring you the collection of these films. The backdrops may vary for these movies, but the entertainment value is definitely to be found here.

A gallant boy is adopted by a king for his bravery, becoming a prince of Persia. As a man, he is framed for the death of his father by his evil uncle and hunted for this crime. Realizing he can use an enchanted dagger to turn back time, the prince goes on a quest to set the timeline right.

Considered as one of the best video game-based movies, Prince of Persia has a fun feel to it right from the start, as the story shifts from one location to another with the prince picking up new friends along the way.

In the Old West, a mismatched duo are tasked by the president to rescue kidnapped scientists by a man who has sinister intentions to use a weapon like none other. Unfortunately, their constant bickering makes things harder than predicted.

While its known today to be the film that Will Smith chose over starring in The Matrix, Wild Wild West is actually a pretty fun film. The chemistry between the lead pair is hilarious, and watching them trip and stumble toward becoming heroes is silly fun.

In the early adventures of Han Solo, the smugglers background is explored as we see how he rose up the ranks to meeting his trusted friends and establishing his name across the galaxy. We find more than a few surprises in this origin story.

Having a central comedic theme is something Star Wars didnt attempt before Solo, and it made for a worthy attempt as the film has a charming cast who make Hans see-saw journey worth a ride. Its links to the main series also serve up plenty of Easter eggs.

After giving up his memories of Neverland and his time as the leader of the Lost Boys, the adult Peter is swooped back into his former life when Captain Hook resurfaces. Faced with finding the inner child in himself again, Peter reunites with his old friends for a final adventure.

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In one of Robin Williams more beloved films, regardless of critical opinion,Hook serves up both nostalgic value and a bag of laughs. Its a well-meaning film whose adventurous spirit transcends its relatively simple premise.

Thousands of years in the past, the mercenary Mathayus undergoes a perilous journey to bring down a brutal ruler and avenge the death of his brother. As he completes his mission, he sets in motion the events that lead to him becoming the Scorpion King.

The first leading role for The Rock in Hollywood, this film captured the spirit of the fantasy-adventure genre, being an entertaining romp through dangerous obstacles. Bringing his trademark comedic talents to the forefront, The Rock shows us why hes such a draw for audiences by excelling in all departments.

A vigilante dons the identity of Zorro, a moniker passed down to him by the original in order to gain revenge on the evil governor responsible for the death of his father. As he goes through with his plans, he learns the meaning of what makes one a hero.

Before superhero movies and TV series were all the rage, The Mask of Zorro gave audiences a taste of swashbuckling entertainment. Its character development is a thing of its own, supplemented well by the many action-packed moments that have a genuine feel to them.

A boy is told an extraordinary tale of love, friendship, and adventure by his grandfather. This story sees a common man go up against an evil prince to save the one he loves, complete with fantastical elements and new comrades.

Considered a classic in cinema, The Princess Bride is a film where you cannot go wrong, as it features characters of all kinds with their own blend of comedic wit. The style of the movie is one that accommodates older and younger viewers, and its whimsical nature makes it an evergreen watch.

After his father is killed by his evil uncle, Arthur goes on a journey to reclaim his right as king, starting with becoming the master of the fabled sword Excalibur. With his uncle having powers of his own, Arthur prepares to fight for his legacy.

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Its a shame this film slipped under the radar, as it was planned to be the first in a six-film series around King Arthur. Unlike the dire theme the trailers made it out to have, the movie actually is pretty breezy fun featuring a tried-and-tested format that viewers enjoy.

An adolescent with a thirst for adventure is taken aboard a massive literal ship in space, he finds himself joining the alien crew venturing across galaxies seeking danger. However, the long-sought Treasure Planet brings with it peril and betrayal in the journey.

A film that takes its adventurous tone and runs with it, Treasure Planet is the unorthodox film you want since the genre usually has a set format, something that is averted here. With dazzling visuals and a futuristic twist in the pirate genre, youll find this to be an underrated gem.

Siblings Evie and Jonathan enlist the help of adventurer Rick OConnell, in order to uncover the City of the Dead. Unfortunately, they end up accidentally releasing a horrifying Mummy who brings in a cursed plague. Faced with no choice, the heroes step forward to stop this evil creature from taking over the world.

A lot of the success of the adventure genre belongs to The Mummy, which revived interest in the industry for these films. The film combines comedy with action, and even horror, in a way that makes for a delightful feature that has incredible replay value and loads of nostalgia factor.

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