Andrew Yang Rejects Support From White Nationalists …

$1,000 a month or mainstream conservatism? It focuses the mind like a laser:

Theres no indication that the campaign has courted that support, and when reached by The Verge, Yang unequivocally rejected it. I denounce and disavow hatred, bigotry, racism, white nationalism, anti-Semitism and the alt-right in all its many forms. Full stop, Yang said in a statement. For anyone with this agenda, we do not want your support. We do not want your votes. You are not welcome in this campaign.

As one of the first Asian American candidates for President in our history and the son of immigrants, I see racism and white nationalism as a threat to the core ideals of what it means to be an American, Yang continued. I have two young children who will grow up in this country. I know what that means.

There are some people who are mad about this.

Im not one of those people. Why on earth would I be mad about this? The GOP Congress has condemned White Nationalists at least three times since Charlottesville. If memory serves, I believe they have done it last week and at least twice so far this year alone. Donald Trump even said after the shooting in Pittsburgh that those seeking the Jews destruction, we will seek their destruction.

Im under no illusions that Andrew Yang, an Asian Democrat running in a Democratic primary, is a White Nationalist or Alt-Right candidate. He is a Green Nationalist. He wants to give everyone $1,000 a month. Im on board with that. And let me tell you, Green Nationalism is sounding a whole lot more attractive right now than four more years of cuckservatism.

I voted for Donald Trump because of immigration, trade, foreign policy and political correctness. Ive watched him and graded him every day for over two years. He has failed across the board on all of those issues. He has also repeatedly shown that he is untrustworthy. What ever came of his promises to end birthright citizenship, social media censorship or Antifa violence? Does he not realize what a massive bait and switch it was to endorse RAISING legal immigration?

Now, I am thinking less about trying to reform the GOP and save America the last two years has shown that Republicans are utterly unwilling to so much as even try to amend their legislative agenda to make it more populist than what I can get out of the rotten system. Im now going to vote on the basis on issues like bills, health care, student loan debt and the costs of education. Thats what I want to hear about. Everyone has those concerns, not just White Nationalists.

I dont want to hear the 1,000th podcast about Robert Mueller or the 5,000th episode of Hannity about Peter Strzok. I dont want to read or listen to anymore copes about how Trump can still turn this around or wildly unrealistic 4D Chess scenarios about how Trump is going to do this or that at some point in the future. In 2020, I want candidates to explain to me in clear, unambiguous language what they can do to improve the material standard of living of White Americans.

The GOP isnt going to build the border wall. It isnt even going to deport the illegal aliens that are already here. It isnt going to do anything about cultural decay. It certainly isnt going to end abortion. None of the social issues that conservatives run on are real. The only thing that matters is rewarding donors with the policies they wanted like tax cuts, deregulation, criminal justice reform, etc. Cuckservatism has nothing going for it.

Im so over pretending that anyone in Republican politics or mainstream conservatism shares my values. Look around and you will find that the Trump entourage from top to bottom is nothing but uninspiring grifters with stale rhetoric: Charlie Kirk, Candace Owens, Diamond and Silk, Mike Huckabee, Seb Gorka, etc. If you watched CPAC and still believe that any of these types are going to somehow turn the country around, I got a 30 foot Mexican border wall to sell you!

When the GOP is running in 2020 on Democrats are the real anti-Semites and theyre gonna take away our cheeseburgers, literal Burger Nationalism which went from being a meme last year into their actual messaging, it is best to just step aside and take the Yang bucks.

Note: I dont even believe we will get those Yang bucks. I just think it is a better idea than anything that I saw at CPAC.

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Andrew Yang Rejects Support From White Nationalists ...

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