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Were now a week into release for Animal Crossing: New Horizons, and that means people are moving along. I saw a bunch of players post the first images of their upgraded Resident Services Center on social media today, marking the moment in the game when the beginning really ends. The music kicks in, Isabelle moves to the island, and things start really moving. We get some new customization options, as well: a new island flag, for one, and the option to design an island tune.

Designing your island tune can be intimidating if youve got no musical experience whatsoever, but you shouldnt be afraid. For one thing, its set up on a scale that means there are no wrongnotes: its like playing a harmonica or only the white keys on a piano, nothing will ever sound too dissonant. But if you want something with a little bit more flair, the internet has you covered.

As usual, there are a bunch of songs on reddit, where theres a dedicated subreddit for sharing island tunes. But if you really want to get creative, theres a cool tool that was made available even before the game launched, so its absolutely stocked with songs. Check out the island tune creator at Nook Net, where you can both create your own tunes with the relative fluidity afforded by a computer and preview others.

The website seems to be moving a little bit slowly right now, likely due to increased traffic, but you can create your own songs, check out a few highlit ones in the spotlight section, or search uploaded tunes for yourself. You can get game songs, you can get the Imperial March: if it exists, there is an Animal Crossing Island Tune for it.

So get creative. I moved pretty quickly through the early phases of this thing in my usual haste, but now Im slowing down and getting things just so. That means that Ill likely be making my own island tune soon, and that i should probably change my flag from the lame preset leaf thing Ive got going on now.

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Where To Get Hundreds Of Island Tunes For Animal Crossing: New Horizons, From Pop Songs To Theme Songs - Forbes

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