Staten Island man busted in Florida; charged with stealing items from a boutique –

STATEN ISLAND, N.Y. -- A Staten Island man was arrested in Palm Beach, Florida, on Friday, charged with shoplifting multiple items from a boutique store, according to the Palm Beach Police Department.

Janos Buda, 49, of the 100 block of Sliver Lake Road in Brighton Heights, allegedly tried to steal merchandise from the Neiman Marcus store in Palm Beach, according to the criminal complaint.

Security personnel saw Buda in the surveillance cameras walk around the fragrance department at the store, pick up a mens fragrance tester and put it in a shopping bag he had with him, the complaint indicates.

Buda also took a sealed box of Tom Ford perfume and put in the shopping bag, according to the complaint.

At that point the store security confronted Buda and found multiple items in the bag that were from the store, including denim jeans, denim slacks, a formal shirt, a Tom Ford bottle of perfume and a Tom Ford tester, the criminal complaint details.

The total worth of the items was $2,214, police said in the complaint.

I am sorry, Buda allegedly said after officers from the Palm Beach Police Department showed up at the store, according to the complaint.

After the officers read Buda his Miranda rights, the Brighton Heights man said he was very sorry for taking the items and asked a Neiman Marcus employee if he could pay for the items, the complaint indicates.

Buda said he had the money in his wallet, but then said that he wasnt going to pay for them, according to the complaint.

Buda was released the next day after posting a $5,000 bond, according to public records.

Public records do not indicate a publicly available lawyer for Buda.

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Staten Island man busted in Florida; charged with stealing items from a boutique -

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