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Crazy Baby Takes Roatan

As youve heard, were childfree, but were traveling with our own Crazy Baby this year. Long story-short, Amys nephew and niece (who we love and find to be awesome and hilarious) found this creepy doll in the basement of their new vacation home. We decided to take it on our trip to Roatan.

Thus far, weve discovered a) Crazy Baby likes mojitos and b) Crazy Baby does not like iguanas.

Crazy Baby TravelsAhhhh, beautiful!

Crazy Baby TravelsMaking Friends While Getting a Tan

Crazy Baby TravelsMr. Iguana I do think that is close enough!(Crazy Baby talks like a Southern Belle)

Crazy Baby TravelsM-O-J-I-T-O-!-!-!

Crazy Baby TravelsHide and seek!

Crazy Baby TravelsGazing wistfully at the water. Alas, Crazy Baby cant swim. And hates sharks.

Thats all for now but stay tuned for future installments of Crazy Babys adventures!

What adventure would you like to see Crazy Baby try?

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