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Manageable deficit

An $853-million deficit for Nova Scotia in 2020 looks terrifying. That is, until you examine long-term borrowing costs. A 30-year government of Canada bond costs the lender just one per cent interest. Long-term Nova Scotia government bonds can be sold for two per cent. So if the Nova Scotia government scraps the Yarmouth-Maine ferry, it can finance the $853-million deficit and have its liabilities pretty well unchanged.

How hard is that?

Michael Poulton, Halifax

Jim Vibert speaks about the health-destroying impact of poverty on Nova Scotians (July 29 column). A basic income for all would save tax dollars in the long term and transform lives in the process.

Its time to get serious about a basic income guarantee. I encourage all of us to learn more about it and weigh in. Political will for change will follow the will of voters.

Greg Hubbert, Berwick

Stephen McNeil, please note: Australia, Israel, Japan and Lebanon appeared to have brought the coronavirus contagion to heel in May. In July, after opening up, they all experienced alarming rises in cases, as have other countries.

Youd be inviting the same kind of virus invasion into Nova Scotia if you allowed in travellers from outside the Atlantic bubble. For all our sakes, keep the bubble closed. You once told us to stay to blazes home. We did that; we have contained the virus. Lets keep it that way. Can you not now tell outside travellers to stay to blazes home?

Errol Sharpe, HRM

Despite frequent advisories, many people still are not wearing a mask when out of their homes. Some are even openly resisting attempts to encourage mask-wearing, citing personal rights and freedoms.

Facial masks are simple measures that offer quite good protection from COVID-19. The beauty of this measure is that it is an act of personal concern for others more than oneself. As a recent ad stated, I wear a mask to protect you. You wear a mask to protect me. This reflects the fact that other people can be infected by the tiny droplets exiting our mouths or noses when we breathe, speak, sneeze or sing. A mask will catch the droplets so that they cannot infect another person.

Since even people who may not know they are infected can spread the virus, it behooves us all to be proactive in preventing further spread of this terrible virus.

I find wearing a mask not at all uncomfortable or limiting. I cannot understand why anyone would resist such an easy and effective way to avoid causing others great harm.

The Good Book asks that we do unto others as we would have them do unto us. Please think of others and wear a mask when out of your home.

Orland Kennedy, Brookfield

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