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I support replacing our current mish-mash of income-support programs with a basic-income guarantee.

A basic-income guarantee is the most effective, democratic and competent way to shift the largest number of people from a life of poverty to a life where income is sufficient to meet basic needs. Our current system does not provide enough support to allow anyone to live a life of dignity, free from the fear of how to meet the most modest survival requirements.

The announcement that Guy Caron has entered the race for leader of the federal NDP is great news for basic-income advocates. He has declared that his first policy proposal would be a basic income.

I am so pleased to see that the leader of the B.C. Green Party, Andrew Weaver, is an advocate for basic income, calling for a pilot project in B.C. The government of Ontario, in early 2016, committed to implementing a pilot project for basic income.

Rather than let opponents hijack the conversation, our goal as advocates must be to ensure that the electorate knows what basic income is to allow it to make an informed decision.

Come on, people of Vancouver Island. This is the only part of the country that voted overwhelmingly NDP in the last federal election. Are we going to let Ontario lead on the most progressive way to end poverty?

Now is the time to end poverty in Canada.

Wendy Devlin


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Basic-income guarantee is way to end poverty - Times Colonist

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