Bogot returns to strict quarantine based on rotating localities as of July 13 – The City Paper Bogot

Bogot Mayor Claudia Lpez placed the Colombian capital under Orange Alert given the spread of coronavirus and announced that the citys 10 million inhabitants will return to strict quarantine based on localities, divided in 3 groups. The strict quarantine will be enforced by an additional 850 members of the National Police. A liquor sale ban is in effect in all localities during the strict quarantine.

Lockdown starts Monday, July 13, and ends August 23.

Group 1: Starts July 13 and ends July 26. Localities: Ciudad Bolvar, San Cristbal, Rafael Uribe Uribe, Chapinero, Santafe, Usme, Los Mrtires and Tunjuelito.

Group 2: Starts July 27 and ends August 9. Localities: Bosa, Kennedy, Puente Aranda and Fontibn.

Group 3: Starts August 10 and ends August 23. Localities: Suba, Engativ and Barrios Unidos.

During each of the respective 14 days, localities will have total restriction on mobility and all shops must close, except supermarkets and pharmacies for basic necessities.

All residents must be inside their homes from 8 pm to 5 am.

Essential errands can only be done by one member of the household from 5 am to 7 pm.

Those exempt from mobility restrictions are health workers and elderly care personnel.

The strict quarantine was presented to the government of President Ivn Duque and approved for the district capital. Mayor Lpez also announced during a virtual press conference that 550,000 poor and vulnerable families will receive money from Bogot Solidaria en Casa in order to guarantee a basic income during the peak of the pandemic. Families in need will receive $240,000 pesos and resources that will be covered jointly between Bogot and Nation. The district will also deliver 150,000 food markets. Families in these localities who need to access these benefits and are not registered in the database can apply with the Bogot Caregiver App.

Together we are going to take care of ourselves to pass the peak of contagion. We are no longer going to postpone it, we are going to face it and we are going to achieve it, it is at this moment that we need the unity of all citizens, said Lpez.

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Bogot returns to strict quarantine based on rotating localities as of July 13 - The City Paper Bogot

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