Second-Annual Garden Island bodyboarding a success –

KOLOA Long-time bodyboarder Kawika Kaui never lost sight of the second annual Garden Island Boogie Board Classics underlying mission statement.

Saturdays bodyboarding classic held at Kuhio Beach was put on to promote the sport to the islands keiki to preserve Kauais reputation as a bodyboarding mecca.

I just like a day at the beach with all of the local people getting together, Kaui said. It is great families spending time with each other and connecting with the ocean and each other.

Kaui, now 31 and a Kauai resident, will only compete in Saturday afternoons competition as his one contest a year in the open mens division.

Kaui, a former International Boarding Association, and Hawaii Surfing Association competitor, took advantage of this opportunity to showcase his skills and advanced to Sundays quarterfinal in the mens open heat.

Kauis strategy to advance to the quarterfinal round in the second heat was about timing.

There was a nice open face wave, and I wanted to stay up and didnt want to break behind the wave, Kaui said. I kept thinking the wave was going to break, and it ended upholding.

Kaui stated he felt he got lucky during the second heat of the competition.

Normally the center surf break waves kept coming in from the east side and continued breaking during the competition, Kaui said. It was a weird opportunity to get a couple of good waves.

Tragedy to triumph

For Bryce Hollis, a 17-year-old Big Island resident, participating in the Garden Island competition marked his return to the sport.

Hollis, who took a one-year hiatus from the sport to focus on his health, enjoyed competing for the first time in Kauai.

A year ago, Hollis suffered a traumatic experience.

During a whip out while surfing, he experienced a compound fracture in his leg and a broken wrist.

The injury was so severe he had to have a metal plate inserted into his leg.

The wound didnt heal and became an MRSA infection. A bacterial infection usually spread by sharing personal items.

Having to have a PICC line inserted into his body so he could cure the infection took a while before he could return to the water.

Now recovered, he made the trip to Kauai to celebrate his girlfriends birthday and compete in the classic, marking his return to competition.

Maintaining distance

The tournament featured 300 competitors competing in nine different skill levels, and social distancing was something event organizer Chris Burkart remained conscious of.

We are trying our best, and we have to remind people to wear masks, Burkart said. People are always walking by, and we had to remind them to mask up. There were more families huddled up, and I think they are doing a good job. We have to remind people because of everyone slacks off.

Entering Sundays competition, Burkart anticipates it will be easier to patrol in a sport that isnt conducive for social distancing.

I am happy for the turnout publicly, Burkart said.

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Super Grom (9 AND under, keiki push-in) : Round 1 : Heat 1

Moana Liddell 8.74

2.) Chloe Pascual 8.34

3.) Joshua Hamilton 8.30

4.) Thomas Hamiltion 7.80

5.) Liku Reilly 7.26

6.) Amaezin Grace 5.83

Super Grom (9-AND-under, keiki push-in) Round 1 Heat 2

1.)Shiloh Hunt 13.70

2.)Laelia Valeria 7.77

3.)Nanea Trask 7.70

4.) Zion Carbonell 7.10

5.) Aukanaii Koa 7.00

Super Grom (9 AND under, keiki push-in) Round 1 Heat 3

1.) Maiha Kjeldsen 15.33

2.) Laola Seraphin 10.86

3.) Lelehune Reilly 8.67

4.) Alexander Acob 7.60

5.) Iris Haines 5.40

Super Grom (9 AND under, keiki push-in) Semifinal Heat 1

Sun 11:12 am

Moana Liddell

Chloe Pascual

Laola Seraphin

Lelehune Reilly

Nanea Trask

Zion Carbonell

Super Grom (9-and-under, keiki push-in) Semifinal

Heat 2

Sun 11:28 am

Maiha Kjeldsen

Shiloh Hunt

Laelia Valeria

Joshua Hamilton

Thomas Hamiltion

Alexander Acob


Super Grom (9 AND under, keiki push-in) Final Heat

1Sun 02:27 pm

1st From Semifinal Heat 1

1st From Semifinal Heat 2

2nd From Semifinal Heat 1

2nd From Semifinal Heat 2

3rd From Semifinal Heat 1

3rd From Semifinal Heat 2

Menehune (ages 10 13)Round 1 Heat 1

1.) Kona Rasmussen 9.67

2.) David ORourk 8.73

3.) David ORourke 5.40

4.) Chance Kawakami 5.07

5.) Hobie Fujimoto 3.00

Menehune (ages 10 13) : Round 1 Heat 2

1.) Springwater Kaulili 9.74

2.) Koa McDaniel 9.50

3.) Makoa Miguel 6.27

4.) Kaiea Nishi 5.70

5.) Lyon Foster 4.84

6.) Kyran Luis 3.70

Menehune (ages 10 13)

Round 1 Heat 3

1.) Aarya Tabalno 8.70

2.) Kupaa Kaiminaauao 6.27

3.) Konalu Yamamoto 5.70

4.) Travis Wood 4.10

5.) Karter Reichle 3.63

6.) Alexandra Iida 1.30

Menehune (ages 10 13) Round 1 Heat 4

1.) Kamaehu Kahaunaele 14.46

2.) Keanu Lanoza 8.00

3.) Keanu Lanoza 7.87

4.) Zayen Asuncion 6.20

5.) Kaden Itamura 2.50

6.) Samuel Cotter 2.30

Menehune (ages 10 13) Round 1 Heat 5

1.) Alex Sakamoto 8.24

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