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I dont know whats happening either

Welcome toThe TabsLove Island 2020 gossip round-up, bringing you the pettiest drama and the least believable tabloid exclusives from around the web today.

Sophie and Wallace were voted out of the villa this weekend. In their exit interviews they were both asked who they thought was playing a game. Wallace said: Mike for sure. Sophie said: The only tiny game player would be Mike because some of his moves dont add up, but Im sure he doesnt mean anything maliciously.

Sophie added: I feel like some of the stuff he is doing doesnt add up. He said he had all these feelings for Leanne and then switched it off straight away and moved onto Jess. I dont know if hes playing a game or not. I feel like when things did break off with Leanne, he was scrambling and thinking I need to be in a couple, I need to have a connection in here. It worked because I feel like I left on the terms of him having a connection in the villa. None of the Islanders would have wanted to break that up because he and Jess had just had a kiss.

In an interview, Love Island 2018s Wes Nelson has said he wants to marry his girlfriend, Love Island 2019s Arabella Chi. He told CapitalXtra: In the future for sure. Were not rushing anything. Were going at our own pace, and thats why I think its been so successful. Weve just chilled.

He added: You know what it is, were just happy, genuinely really really happy, just smiling all the time. I dont think weve had an argument where weve been angry at each other.

He was then asked if Arabella was the one, and he replied: Of course its a yes, I dont get into relationships if Im not looking for a long-term and forever. The thing about Arabella is we not only work well as a couple, we work well as a working couple.

According to OddsChecker, a site which ranks all Bookies across the UK, Demi is the top woman to place bets on to win winter Love Island 2020. And tbh, nothing would make me happier than seeing her and Nas split the 50k and live happily ever after.

We were all lowkey expecting Sophie to leave with Connor when he was voted out. So when she stayed it looked as though it could have been the end of them both. But in her exit interview Sophie has said she wants to go on dates with him. She said: It would be nice to think we can pick up where we left off. Itd be starting from the beginning and going on dates. I always love a dinner date, so Id like to see him and go for dinner and drinks, thatd be ideal.

I cant wait to see Connor when I get back, it would be nice to go on a few dates and see what happens. I am very nervous to speak to him. I keep thinking, Will he even answer a DM? because I dont have his number! I am so excited to speak to him and see him.

Love Island wasnt the first time Shaughna has been on reality TV trying to find love. She was on Celebs Go Dating last year, where she had an awkward encounter with Made in Chelseas Sam Thompson at a mixer.

Firstly Sam pretended he was a TV presenter and started up conversation with Shaughna and another girl by saying: Hello, we are live from London. He then said: Really bad flirting from me, and asked Shaughna what she does for a living. She told him she works as a fire safety officer, and Sam said: We all need safety. No one needs fire. Unless, the good fire. Shaughna was confused, and so am I.

So it turns out Margot Robbie, as in Hollywood superstar actress Margot Robbie, is a Love Island superfan. She met ex-Islanders Lucie Donlan, Jordan Hames and Michael Griffiths at the London premiere of Birds of Prey: And the Fantabulous Emancipation Of One Harley Quinn. She was fangirling over them, taking selfies with them and then they all went to the afterparty and downed shots together.

Is this real life?

IT graduate and model, Chloe Ephraim, has some pretty harsh words about Luke M. She says she met him in Turkey when she was 18, thinking he was Justin Bieber. He then led her on for FIVE YEARS and was talking to her just days before he went on Love Island. She said finding out he was going on the show made her feel sick.

Chloe told the Sun: Ive felt so sick ever since I found out. I was speaking to him four days before he appeared on the show. We were planning for me to go down and visit him for a whole weekend. He started pursuing me again just after Christmas and he must have known that he was going on the show then.

He didnt say anything. He just led me on and I was planning to go stay with him for the whole weekend. I had to hear that hed gone on the show from my friend who I had been telling the night before how much I was looking forward to seeing him. I feel like an idiot.

She said they exchanged explicit messages, but were never in a proper relationship because of distance. Chloe added: I didnt think he was a player and thats why I liked him. But it makes sense as he used to send me intimate photos which already had captions on that he must have sent to other girls. I never said anything because I wanted to believe the best of him. My friend also found him on Tinder during a night out in Newcastle but I tried to brush it off. Weve been sending flirty text messages for five years and obviously I thought something was going to happen with us as he kept coming back to me. Hed stop talking to me when he got another girlfriend but would always restart with me and I put up with it.

Ellie Brown had a wild 2018 Love Island journey. She came in with Zara, kissed Dr Alex, dumped him, had a huge fight with Georgia Steel and left with Charlie Brake. But she says some of the dramatic scenes she was in, particularly where she called Georgia an ugly cunt after Georgia denied kissing Jack Fowler, were edited to make her look bitchy.

She told the Sun: I didnt really like how I was portrayed in Love Island. I dont feel like a true representation of what I am really like was shown. They made me look a bit bitchy. I got caught up in a few situations in the villa and I was defending friends but the way they did it made me look like I was getting involved in situations I shouldnt have, and that wasnt the case. I was sticking up for Laura who was crying her eyes out.

Remember when Wes went on Dancing on Ice and Megan Barton-Hanson went IN on his partner Vanessa Bauer? Then Megan and Wes ended up breaking up? Well Vanessa is back, and this time she actually is dating a Love Islander Jordan Hames.

The pair left the NTAs holding hands and were pictured getting into a taxi together. An onlooker told the Daily Mail: Vanessa and Jordan left the event holding hands it was obvious to those around them that theyve been seeing each other for a while.

Another source added: Jordan has been coming down to Dancing On Ice every week to support Maura, which is where hes also got to know Vanessa. Mutual friends say theyre the perfect match and are smitten though its definitely still early days.

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Love Island Gossip Column: Shaughna was on Celebs Go Dating?! And Margot Robbie parties with ex-Islanders - The Tab

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