Is Love Island scripted – are contestants told what to say? –

Is the drama too good to be true? (Picture: ITV)

Theres been no shortage of drama on winter Love Island, which has packed in all the usual recouplings, quarreling and mugging off that weve come to expect from the dating show.

While this year has been a little quieter than previous ones, weve seen Callum Jones ditch Shaughna Phillips for Molly Smith, Luke Mabbott getting messed around by just about everyone, and a fair few love triangles.

But Shaughnas confession she might have feelings for Luke M has seemingly proven too much for some Twitter users.

One person wrote: Im gonna be fuming if Shaughna and Luke M happens, its painfully staged.

Just days ago, Luke Ms pairing with Demi raised similar concerns.

One user said: Absolutely love Demi and luke but that was so staged, yesterday the public was like omg they would be so cute together and all of a sudden she likes him a bit absolutely gassed for them but I hope they werent told to do that #loveisland while another moaned: Love island is just becoming so staged.

In the past, people have also suggested the show uses actors after eagle-eyed viewers believe one girl featured in the local shop as a check-out girl and in the Island club behind the bar.

So, how real is the action in the villa and do relationships take off organically or are they engineered by producers?

This week, Sophie Piper hinted that producers orchestrated some of the scenes which led to explosive rows in the villa.

Rochelle Humes younger sister said bosses would steer the islanders to talk about particular topics during their time on the reality show, although she insists Love Island isnt massively staged.

When asked whether things were staged or if they happened organically she claimed: A bit of both, but its not massively staged. Producers might suggest, Why dont you talk about this and that?

Tyla Carr, a 2017 contestant, went further, alleging that certain moments had to be re-enacted again and again.

She said: You have to tell the producers on-site if you are planning to have an important chat or do something, she said. So they make sure the microphones pick it up and the cameras get it.

If you forget they would call you in and ask you to film it again. Liv Attwood had to dump Sam Gowland twice last year, which was embarrassing for both of them!

In 2019 a whistleblower told Mail on Sunday that many of the on-screen scenarios are very, very fake and that contestants are given lines to learn however the show has strongly denied these claims,

And some former islanders have said the show appears to now be scripted but that this is a new phenomenon.

Malin Andersson, who took part in the second series of Love Island, told it was sad to see scripted moments saying it takes away the innocence of finding love on the show.

The Sun also claimed in 2018 there was a 408-page cheat manual that detailed how the islanders could manipulate votes to get their love rivals out of the villa.

While the show is centered around them living in a villa, the islanders do get to leave it every now and then, although viewers never get to see these private moments.

The show takes a break on Saturdays to give the islanders time to relax.

Former contestant Chris Williamson once explained: There was a day every week where footage wasnt needed, which was liberating as you could talk about anything.

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Contestants Montana Brown and Amber Davis were once spotted getting their hair and nails done outside of the villa.

Ovie was apparently even given a makeshift basketball court to practice in during last summers series.

When they are out of the villa, islanders reportedly are not allowed to talk about the show.

Love Island bosses have staunchly denied any of these allocations, refuting the report and that scenes are staged.

A spokesperson from the show said: As anyone who watches the show regularly would know, Love Island is a combination of reality and produced elements that are reflective of whats happening in the villa, and is a fair and accurate representation of villa life.

It is absolutely untrue to suggest that Love Island is fake, staged or scripted.The opinions they have and the relationships formed are completely within the control of the Islanders themselves.

Love Island continues tonight at 9pm on ITV

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