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STATEN ISLAND, N.Y. -- Amid concern about the deer population on the Island, another creature seems to be more present recently: the fox.

Foxes have been present on Staten Island for many years. An Advance file photo taken circa 1910 shows a hunting and riding club tasked with hunting foxes on the Island. Reports about fox hunting can be found in reports dating back to 1893.

After seeing this photo, Anthony Zavarelli reached out to the Advance about his own experience with foxes on Staten Island.

Zavarelli, a life-long Staten Islander and Fort Wadsworth resident, has noticed a recent uptick in the number of foxes on the Island.

He works as a longshoreman and crane operator at Global Container Terminal New York in Mariners Harbor. The business is located right next to the wetlands, and Zavarelli explained that he regularly sees all kinds of animals in the area - from deer to gophers, snapping turtles and more.

When Zavarelli first heard his coworkers reporting fox sighting, he thought that they must be seeing things. Eventually, though, he saw the foxes for himself.

Zavarelli said hes surprised the foxes are constantly in the area despite the heavy machinery and trucks present.

The foxes around his building make an appearance weekly, and sometimes more often, he said. He also said some are accompanied by cubs.

The foxs natural enemies are wolves, coyotes and bobcats - none of which are known to inhabit the Island.

On Tuesday it was reported that the city Department of Parks and Recreation says it has found no evidence of a coyote population on Staten Island, months after a video surfaced on social media showing a large canine dragging a deer carcass in Travis.

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Have you seen foxes on Staten Island? Youre not alone! - SILive.com

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