Danny Dyer says Love Island is a "pile of s**t" and leaves The Ranganation viewers – digitalspy.com

Danny Dyer has made his feelings about Love Island perfectly clear, describing the ITV dating show as a "pile of s**t".

The EastEnders actor appeared via video link on the series 2 premiere of Romesh Ranganathan's The Ranganation, and it wasn't long before his daughter Dani's involvement in Love Island was raised.

After explaining the premise of Netflix's Too Hot to Handle a dating show in which the contestants are not allowed to kiss or engage in coitus until they've built a meaningful relationship Romesh asked Danny if he would have preferred Dani to have gone on that show instead, since seeing his daughter get intimate on national television was one of his main concerns.

"Yeah, also, the show's a pile of s**t, Love Island," said Danny with heroic conviction. "So that was the other thing I was worried about."

Bringing attention back to Too Hot to Handle, he continued: "I don't know. I can see what they're trying to do. Sort of trying to do all this spiritual connection stuff, but I would have thought you need quite intelligent people on the show to have some sort of spiritual connection."

Absolutely obliterated.

Romesh and his other guests, including comedian Katherine Ryan, immediately burst out laughing at Danny's damning indictment, as did those watching at home.

"This was the funniest thing Ive seen on telly in a while!! Danny Dyer talks about Love Island and calls it a 'pile of s**t'," tweeted one viewer.

Another wrote: "Danny Dyer saying that Love Island is a pile of s**t made me smile this evening. Nice distraction from the pile of shit coming out of Downing Street tonight."

Check out more of the reactions below.

The Ranganation continues next Sunday (May 17) at 9.15pm on BBC2.

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Danny Dyer says Love Island is a "pile of s**t" and leaves The Ranganation viewers - digitalspy.com

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