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Rogue Instagram filters have been a saving grace right now as were all quickly running out of things to do. The newest one that most people are loving is the genetics heritage scanner filter. This filter scans you and makes you think its going to tell you what percentage of a certain nationality you are, but then actually morphs your face into a weird human/animal creature.

This filter merges surprise, ugly faces and animals all in one the perfect combination to guarantee a laugh every single time, without fail.Get involved, then get your mum involved, then (for some real comedy gold) send to your grandparents and get them to make one. Its a great time and this is how you do it.

Its a filter on Instagram that pretends to scan your face at first a load of different nationalities flick past (Welsh, French, Italian, etc) as well as a percentage. At this point, youll think its just boring and slightly problematic but then suddenly it lands on 85 per cent pangolin and morphs your face into a messed up (but hilarious) animal shape. Like so:

There are a lot of different animals you can get. We dont know exactly how many but weve seen crab, mole, rat, dog, pangolin, slug, limpet, llama, wasp and chameleon.

The official name for the filter is genetics scanner and it was created by iamcraiglewis2. If someone on your Insta uses it, youll see the name of the filter in the top left corner, you can then click on this and save it.

You can also search for the filter on your phone. If you go onto your camera on Insta, scroll right through all the filters at the bottom until you find the search icon. Then search genetics and it will come up, save it onto your phone and youve got hours of fun right there.

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This is how you do the genetics heritage filter on Instagram that everyone's doing - The Tab

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