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Dublin, July 27, 2020 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- The "Global Hereditary Genetic Testing Market: Focus on Product, Sample, Technology, Genetic Testing Type, Application Area, Country Data (16 Countries), and Competitive Landscape - Analysis and Forecast, 2020-2030" report has been added to's offering.

Hereditary genetic testing has grown significantly since the technology was first commercialized, but it is important to quantify that growth and describe future trends. The genome testing industry is proliferating, and its growth is expected to continue at its torrid pace. However, there are significant challenges that may dampen future growth if not addressed.

Our healthcare experts have found hereditary genetic testing to be one of the most rapidly evolving technologies, and the global market for hereditary genetic testing is predicted to grow at a CAGR of 13.59% over the forecast period of 2020-2030.

The unmet clinical needs for better tools to predict, diagnose, treat, and monitor disease are acting as significant factors driving the growth of the sequencing industry. Other factors driving the growth include the increased understanding of the molecular basis of disease, patient demand, industry investment, and regulations that allow marketing of tests without FDA approval.

Despite rapid advanced sequencing industry growth, there are several key issues that are needed to be addressed to facilitate future growth. The relatively high total costs of delivering sequencing test results compared with other technology platforms, and limited coverage by payers, are the key challenges to the growth of this industry. Whole-genome and exome sequencing remain relatively costly requiring initial equipment investment, specialized workforce requirements, and time-intensive variant interpretation.

Within the research report, the market is segmented on the basis of oncology genetic testing, cardiology genetic testing, neurology genetic testing, product, sample, application area, and region. Each of these segments covers the snapshot of the market over the projected years, the inclination of the market revenue, underlying patterns, and trends by using analytics on the primary and secondary data obtained.

Competitive Landscape

The exponential rise in the application of next-generation sequencing on the global level has created a buzz among companies to invest in the products and services of whole-genome and exome sequencing. Due to the diverse product portfolio and intense market penetration, whole-genome and exome has been a pioneer in this field and been a significant competitor in this market.

On the basis of region, North America holds the largest share, due to improved healthcare infrastructure, rise in per capita income, and improvised reimbursement policies in the region. Apart from this, Latin America and the Asia-Pacific region are anticipated to grow at the fastest CAGR during the forecast period.

Growth Drivers

Market Challenges

Market Opportunities

Key Questions Answered in this Report:

Key Topics Covered:

1 Product Definition1.1 Hereditary Genetic Testing1.2 Inclusion and Exclusion

2 Research Scope2.1 Scope of the Study2.2 Key Questions Answered in the Report

3 Research Methodology3.1 Primary Data Sources3.2 Secondary Data Sources3.3 Market Estimation Model3.4 Criteria for Company Profiling

4 Competitive Landscape4.1 Mergers and Acquisitions4.2 Product Launches4.3 Synergistic Activities4.4 Business Expansion Activities and Others4.5 Market Share Analysis4.6 Growth Share Analysis

5 Hereditary Genetic Testing: Overview5.1 Current State of Hereditary Genetic Testing5.2 Market Footprint and Future Potential

6 Market Dynamics6.1 Overview6.2 Impact Analysis6.3 Market Drivers6.3.1 Rising Prevalence of Genetic Disorders6.3.2 Increasing Prevalence of Various Types of Cancer, Globally6.3.3 Increasing Research Funding in the Field of Genomics6.4 Market Restrains6.4.1 Expensive Sequencing Procedures and Their Applications in Medical Treatments6.4.2 High Capital Requirement Hampering the Expansion of Global Reach6.4.3 Stringent Regulatory Standards6.5 Market Opportunities6.5.1 Technological Advancements for Exome Sequencing6.5.2 Rise of Direct-to-Consumer (DTC) Testing Services6.5.3 Massive Scope for Adoption of NGS-Based in Emerging Nations

7 Industry Insights7.1 Legal and Regulatory Framework7.1.1 United States7.1.2 Europe7.1.2.1 Germany7.1.2.2 France7.1.2.3 Italy7.1.3 Asia-Pacific7.1.3.1 China7.1.3.2 Japan7.1.3.3 Australia7.2 Reimbursement Scenario

8 Global Hereditary Genetic Testing Market (by Product)8.1 Overview8.2 Kits and Consumables8.3 Services8.4 Others

9 Global Hereditary Genetic Testing Market (by Sample Type)9.1 Overview9.2 Tumor Tissue9.3 Bone Marrow9.4 Saliva9.5 Blood9.6 Other Sample Types

10 Global Hereditary Genetic Testing Market (by Technology)10.1 Overview10.2 Next Generation Sequencing (NGS)10.3 Polymerase Chain Reaction (PCR)10.4 Immunohistochemistry (IHC)10.5 In-Situ Hybridization (ISH)10.6 Microarray Techniques10.7 Other Technologies

11 Global Hereditary Genetic Testing Market (by Oncology Genetic Testing Type)11.1 Overview11.2 Breast Cancer11.3 Lung Cancer11.4 Prostate Cancer11.5 Colorectal Cancer11.6 Melanoma11.7 Other Oncology Hereditary Genetic Testing

12 Global Hereditary Genetic Testing Market (by Cardiology Genetic Testing Type)12.1 Overview12.2 Cardiomyopathy12.3 Aortopathy12.4 Arrhythmia12.5 Other Cardiology Hereditary Genetic Testing

13 Global Hereditary Genetic Testing Market (by Neurology Genetic Testing Type)13.1 Overview13.2 Epilepsy13.3 Neurodegenerative Disorders13.4 Neuromuscular Disorders13.5 Other Neurology Hereditary Genetic Testing

14 Global Hereditary Genetic Testing Market (by Other Genetic Testing type)14.1 Newborn Screening14.2 Prenatal Screening (NIPT) and Preimplantation Testing14.3 Rare Disease Testing14.4 Direct-to-Consumer Testing

15 Global Hereditary Genetic Testing Market (by Application Area)15.1 Academic and Research15.2 Clinical Diagnostics15.3 Drug discovery15.4 Monitoring and Screening

16 Global Hereditary Genetic Testing Market (by Region)16.1 Overview16.2 North America16.2.1 U.S.16.2.2 Canada16.3 Europe16.3.1 Germany16.3.2 France16.3.3 Italy16.3.4 U.K.16.3.5 Spain16.3.6 Russia16.3.7 Netherlands16.3.8 Rest-of-Europe16.4 Asia-Pacific16.4.1 China16.4.2 Japan16.4.3 India16.4.4 Australia16.4.5 Singapore16.4.6 Rest-of-APAC16.5 Latin America16.5.1 Brazil16.5.2 Mexico16.5.3 Rest-of-Latin America16.6 Rest-of-the-World (RoW)

17 Company Profiles17.1 Overview17.2 Agilent Technologies, Inc.17.2.1 Company Overview17.2.2 Role of Agilent Technologies, Inc. in the Global Hereditary Genetic Testing Market17.2.3 Financials17.2.4 Key Insights About Financial Health of the Company17.2.5 SWOT Analysis17.3 Ambry Genetics17.3.1 Company Overview17.3.2 Role of Ambry Genetics in the Global Hereditary Genetic Testing Market17.3.3 SWOT Analysis17.4 Beijing Genomics Institute (BGI)17.4.1 Company Overview17.4.2 Role of BGI in the in the Global Hereditary Genetic Testing Market17.4.3 SWOT Analysis17.5 CENTOGENE AG17.5.1 Company Overview17.5.2 Role of CENTOGENE AG in the Global Hereditary Genetic Testing Market17.5.3 SWOT Analysis17.6 Eurofins Scientific SE17.6.1 Company Overview17.6.2 Role of Eurofins Scientific SE in the Global Hereditary Genetic Testing Market17.6.3 Financials17.6.4 SWOT Analysis17.7 F. Hoffmann-La Roche Ltd17.7.1 Company Overview17.7.2 Role of F. Hoffmann-La Roche Ltd in the Global Hereditary Genetic Testing Market17.7.3 Financials17.7.4 Key Insights About Financial Health of the Company17.7.5 SWOT Analysis17.8 Illumina, Inc.17.8.1 Company Overview17.8.2 Role of Illumina, Inc. in the Global Hereditary Genetic Testing Market17.8.3 Financials17.8.4 Key Insights About Financial Health of the Company17.8.5 SWOT Analysis17.9 Laboratory Corporation of America Holdings17.9.1 Company Overview17.9.2 Role of Laboratory Corporation of America Holdings in the Global Hereditary Genetic Testing Market17.9.3 Financials17.9.4 SWOT Analysis17.1 Myriad Genetics, Inc.17.10.1 Company Overview17.10.2 Role of Myriad Genetics, Inc. in the Global Hereditary Genetic Testing Market17.10.3 SWOT Analysis17.11 PerkinElmer, Inc.17.11.1 Company Overview17.11.2 Role of PerkinElmer Inc, in Global Hereditary Genetic Testing Market17.11.3 Financials17.11.4 Key Insights About Financial Health of the Company17.11.5 SWOT Analysis17.12 Quest Diagnostics Incorporated17.12.1 Company Overview17.12.2 Role of Quest Diagnostics Incorporated in the Global Hereditary Genetic Testing Market17.12.3 Financials17.12.4 SWOT Analysis17.13 Thermo Fisher Scientific Inc.17.13.1 Company Overview17.13.2 Role of Thermo Fisher Scientific Inc. in the Global Hereditary Genetic Testing Market17.13.3 Financials17.13.4 Key Insights About Financial Health of the Company17.13.5 SWOT Analysis17.14 Emerging Companies17.14.1 COLOR17.14.1.1 Company Overview17.14.2 Natera, Inc. Company Overview

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