Nanotechnology firm receives nearly $400K

Mississauga nanotechnology developer and manufacturer Integran Technologies Inc. has received a repayable loan of nearly $400,000 from the federal government for a new development project. The company is developing nano-structured aerospace and defence products. The money will be used to create “next-generation metal alloys that are more robust and free from toxic beryllium copper,” which will help expand the company’s product line and its customer base. Industry Minister Christian Paradis said the money will come from the Strategic Aerospace and Defence Initiative, which supports industrial research and development projects in the aerospace, defence, space and security industries. “By investing in innovative firms like Integran, our government is ensuring that Canada’s aerospace and defence industry remains a global leader and continues to be a major contributor to our economy,” said Paradis. “This support will allow Integran to realize new market opportunities in an emerging market segment.” As part of the initiative, Integran will work with graduate-level engineering students from the University of Toronto. “Since being founded over 12 years ago, Integran has been committed to developing environmentally benign alternatives to toxic materials and processes,” said company president and chief executive officer Gino Palumbo. “Integran is confident that through this program, our core patented nanotechnology can be optimized and demonstrated to be a viable, cost-effective alternative to the alloying of copper with toxic beryllium – a strengthening process that remains in widespread use for various industrial, aerospace and defence applications.”

Hoskins speaks on mental health

Children and Youth Services Minister Eric Hoskins was in Mississauga today to announce $1.36 million in new provincial funding for Peel children with mental health challenges.

Teacher earns cycling award

Glenforest Secondary School teacher George Douzenis was recognized this morning by City Council for his work promoting cycling in Mississauga.

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Nanotechnology firm receives nearly $400K

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