Educators discuss nanotechnology at SUNYIT forum

Local officials along with some 100 area educators and members of the public attended a nanotechnology forum at SUNYIT Thursday afternoon. The forum addressed aspects of nanotechnology for the business community as well as educators who teach anything from kindergarten to college classes. These forms are very vital for our work force and our educators, said Assemblyman Anthony Brindisi, D – Utica. We want to make sure, that going forward; we have a work force that is well trained and ready to meet these job demands. SUNYIT President Bjong Wolf Yeigh asked those who attended the forum to try to formulate a plan as to how the Mohawk Valley can embrace nanofever. Build it and the people will come, said Bill Gaetano, of Gaetano Construction in Utica, referring to the planned Marcy NanoCenter. Its a great opportunity for our students.

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Educators discuss nanotechnology at SUNYIT forum

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