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If asked to define Driftmoon, one can say Driftmoon is heart and mind combined into perfect harmony. Juraj Klicka, better known as the face of Driftmoon defines modern trance for all. It is pure, melodic, orchestral and puts the listener in a state of tranquil.So far every track by Driftmoon (including Drifter, Exodus, Leviticus, Howl At The Moon, Cama) have rocked planet trance and been supported by Armin Van Buuren on ASOT, earning Future Favourite and Tune Of The Week status on more than one occasion. Not only the king of trance but Aly & Fila, Markus Schulz, W&W, Solarstone, Jorn Van Deynhoven, Max Graham and the best of the rest are now hooked on Driftmoons phenomenal sounds.

The man flies down to India next week for a two city tour. Before he comes here, we sit down with him for a short Q&A about his expectations from here, his upcoming work and many other things!

Hi Juraj its lovely to finally have you perform in India! How does it feel like to finally come here?

Hi! Thank you for having me there and thank you for this interview. India has been in my sight for years even before I started making music. Its a beautiful country with rich cultural and historical heritage so its the place I want to visit of course, absolutely cant wait to breathe some of the history personally next week!

Have you planned to visit any places or looking forward to eating here?

India is a huge place and I would love to travel it all by train, which is what my sister did few years ago when she was traveling and backpacking there, I loved the photos ! It looks gorgeous. Also Indian cusine is one of my most beloved ones so of course, I will eat as much as I can there!

Driftmoon was a two-member project, which started off with you and Mikka. How did it all begin?

Driftmoon was originally a two member project made up of David Sherlock (owner of Freshly Squeezed Samples) and Miikka Leinonen, I joined the projects when they had difficulties finishing any of the tracks, they had great ideas (such as Drifter, Luminance, Howl At The Moon,) but they lacked technical skills to make the ideas into records, thats where I stepped in. David soon left to focus purely on FSS and Miikka left the project last year when he wanted to pursue a different path. I am fully dedicated to the project and Ive invested everything into making it a success.

How did you decide to name your project Driftmoon?

Originally we had huge problems with naming the project, we wrote down all our ideas on single document and then we were checking online which were available, Driftmoon was the last left and we went with it, eventually by the time we released a first track we found out that there is an indie game called Driftmoon as well, funny coincidence!

How did you start producing music? What inspires what you produce? Any specific place, person or an artist?

I started producing music when I was 15 but I didnt really get into it before I was 22, I went to study music and composition in UK and USA. By that time I already knew that I want to make and compose music full time for living.

Central Europe is a hotbed for trance producers at the moment, the change has come about in the last few years. What really led to this?

I think its a matter of geopolitical circumstances, situation in Europe allows young people to explore different aspects of life as well and it can lead many teenagers and adults to pursue career paths they wouldnt be normally allowed to.

Any artist you would like to collaborate with? Or you would like to play a B2B set with?

I take huge pride in my music and there arent many people I would love to collaborate with, I think only few (and classical) composers come to mind, no one from trance scene, sorry!

You happen to be a huge fan of tattoos. Which one is your most favorite one and why? Any meaning behind it?

I am huge fan of tattoos and the pain because even if you believe it or not, it cleans my mind because you have to be there and simply take it. It calms my mind down and I can focus more on important stuff. There are many I like but their meaning will be hidden, sorry!

You recently met Grammy nominated Cellist Tina Guo. Is there a collaboration on the cards? Could you tell us a little more about it?

I worked with her on my album already, she is an amazing person! I cant reveal anything for the future, yet

You have had fairly great relations with United Music Transmission, how did they start?

United Music Events are based in Prague even despite the owners are Dutch, they needed help with their show few years ago and one of the owners contacted me, now I am working full time on the show each year, another happy coincidence!

Any message for the Indian fans who are excited to see you in India?

I absolutely cannot wait to see all of you in India! It will be an amazing party, I promise you that.

Driftmoon performs in Pune on the 30th of June and Bangalore on the 2nd of July. Get your tickets here!

Pune :https://tinyurl.com/DriftMoon-Pune

Bangalore : https://tinyurl.com/DriftMoon-Bangalore

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Driftmoon talks India with Trancehub! - Trance Hub (satire) (press release) (blog)

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