The three most important walks of existence: spirituality, relationships, and career success | By Judith Nwadigo – Qwenu!

When it comes to setting priorities in life, a lot of people are lost. We focus more on trivial issues and less on important ones. We always forget that everything in our lives is intertwined. Therefore if we focus more on the influential parts, it is sure to affect the trivial parts of our existence which lead us to the three most important walks of existence; spirituality, relationships and career success or accomplishments.

Starting off with spirituality, the term spiritual can be referred to as a connection to the supernatural realm, that is, the immaterial realm. Spirituality can be explained in many ways, depending on beliefs or revolution. The first thing we should know is that spirituality deals with mystery. Christianity explains spirituality as a life initiated and oriented by the Holy Spirit, that is, most decisions are taken in accordance with the will of the Holy Spirit.

Tradition explains it as a religious process of the reformation of man in accordance with the image of the gods or ancestors. The modern definition explains it as a bowing experience of a consecrated dimension and the deepest value and meaning by which people live. It can be said to be an encounter with ones inner self or dimension, self supereminence, the purity of self motives, affections, intentions and inner disposition.

It is integral that is why it is a mystery. Talking about why spirituality should be dominant, the sources of most of our life events are deeply rooted in mystery. It is like you are in this world of things you are yet to understand and you have nobody to put you through so you keep yielding to danger. Spirituality is like life insurance, that is, it provides backup when you are lost, it gives you an insight into how you should see life.

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There are different beneficial forms of connecting to the higher realm. First, meditation which means keeping your mind fixed on something. Meditation can induce feelings of calmness and clear-headedness and can improve concentration and attention. It also has some overlooked health benefits which are; it reduces sensitivity to pain, enhances your immune system and relieves stress. Prayer is another form of connection to the supernatural but in this case, there is physical communication. Prayer brings relaxation along with the feeling of hope and gratitude. Spirituality provides comfort and helps you make better and healthier choices.

Secondly, the relationship aspect is the biggest aspect of human existence because we were created based on it. Relationships which is mostly interpersonal is the association between two or more people based on romantic attraction, love, solidarity, regular basic interactions or other types of social commitments. There are many types of relationships ranging from family to intimate relationships.

Our existence is based on relationships from start to finish. You need a relationship with the supernatural realm to make better decisions and to connect to your inner self, you need a good relationship with your family to understand what it means to be loved sacrificially, without compromise, to know what a home can be like. You need a relationship with your peers to know what it feels like to be among your age grade. You need a good relationship with business partners to earn contracts and favour. You need a committed relationship to find love and reproduce. You need a relationship for virtually everything in life.

The purpose of interpersonal relationship is to actively and continually facilitate the growth and development of each other. Without a relationship, you would never feel like a normal human being because you will never understand what trust and love really mean. We cannot also ignore the fact that relationships are very important for the overall well being of an individual as doing otherwise may result in problems in many aspects of life. Relationships increase our emotional well being creates stability and gives us someone to talk to and trust in times of need or difficulty. There is no health in being alone.

Lastly, career success or accomplishment. Fulfilment is very important when it comes to personal career accomplishment because it gives you a deep sense of purpose. When there is fulfilment in our careers there is this sense of joy and pleasure and we are not left feeling empty. Career accomplishment is very important because it is a requirement for basic survival therefore an unfulfilling career can be very bad. Everything just goes well when you love what you do ranging from making new friends to personal contentment.

Our self worth has been tied to our professional worth in different ways. When it comes to meeting new people, career talk is always part of the discussion. People want to know what you are doing so that they know if they should stick with you or not. People are also stereotyped in relation to what they do. Personal fulfilment is the continual journey of self-discovery and contentment with your position in life. Achievement without fulfilment leaves you feeling blank.

We should learn to put what is important as a priority before jumping into other unnecessary things and when the spiritual, relational and career aspect of your life is very sound, things would be better for you.

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The three most important walks of existence: spirituality, relationships, and career success | By Judith Nwadigo - Qwenu!

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