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Theres a natural curefor dealing with your stress and its spiritual.

According to theADAA, 40 million adults sufferfrom anxiety disorders in the US. Its highly treatable and can be controlledin various ways. Whether or not you consider yourself spiritual, you can usefaith to reduce your anxiety.

Your spirituality andhealth are connected. Here are 3 ways faith helps to overcome stress.

1. Youll Be Able to Cope with Stress Better

Stress can cause you tofeel lower than youve ever felt. Constant worrying about what could go wrongcan leave you feeling on edge and hurt your relationships. This can stress youout even more than you already were.

By trusting in yourfaith, youll be able to release yourself from triggers that cause youranxiety. Youll feel more positive as you see the silver linings in life. Theseare the types of things youll want to do when learning how to cope with stressbetter.

2. You Could Heal Faster

Anxiety can take a tollon your physical health, along with your mental state. When you spend too muchtime stressing about things out of your control, youre only hurting yourselfmore. A positive mental state is the best thing you can do for your health.

Diseases are created inthe body and mind from the imbalance and disturbance ofuniversal elements. When yourefeeling physically unwell or hurt, you should trust in your faith. Spiritualhealing will use your positive energy to improve your overall health.

3. It Gives You Hope

Your spirituality canproduce a positive mind and give you the gift of hope. Hope is one of thegreatest things you can use to improve your health. When the world seems toodark, its the light that keeps you going.

To obtain hope, youshould practice spiritual activities. These can help you feel closer to God andcreate a happier life. Trust that your belief in a higher power can help youfeel more hopeful and witness how much happier you become.

Other Ideas for Managing Your Spirituality and Health

Perhaps you dont knowwhats at the root of your problems. This alone could cause you to feeloverwhelmed and stressed out more often than youd like. Depression, physicalpain, and anxiety can be from past life regression.

If you believe your pastlives could be hurting your present, you could be a great candidate forregression therapy. Working with your therapist, youll:

Its okay to feelskeptical if youve never done this before. You canread moreabout it first.

Hello Faith, Goodbye Stress

Now that youve learneda few ways that faith can help you overcome stress, its time to begin. You canlive a happier and better life when you accept that your spirituality andhealth are connected. Visit the health section on our site for other ways youcan improve your wellbeing.

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Spirituality and Health 3 Ways Faith Helps to Overcome Stress - spokanefavs.com

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