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Princess Diana is known for her relationships with psychics and healers for critical information about her life. throughout her later years, she was becoming increasingly more paranoid. She felt like she couldnt trust anyone, and in turn she sought help from these types of people. According to the latest episode of Fatal Voyage Diana: Case Solved, she felt the need to check in with her numerous psychics all the time. She was definitely not the only famous woman to ask these types of people for help.

These psychics were there to listen to Diana only, not judge her, and that is understandable given her position that she would want someone to just listen. But it is plain to see that these people contributed to her paranoia. Sally Morgan, known as Psychic Sally, was one of these people whom Diana came to rely on.

I came into her life when she was really making decisionsfor her own happiness. And she had made a decision that shes the only one thatcould make herself happy, Morgan recalls. She wasnt going to rely on anyoneelse. I think she felt she had a lot of reasons to worry about an early death.She felt that. There were times when she would ring me three or four times aday and then there were times when she would ring me once a day, normally inthe morning.

Diana also looked to Simone Simmons a spiritual healer, forguidance. They would spend hours together on the phone. We met at the end ofthe 1993. By 95 we were firm friends. 96 I mean, we were literally, how do Iput it? Saw each other at least five times a week wherever Diana was in theworld she would phone me, Simmons says.

If Diana couldnt get through to Simmons, she would leavemessages for her instead. They became the best of friends. She wanted to constantlycheck in with her throughout the day and keep her updated on everything thatwas going on.

Its understandable how all this talk of the future anddeath could only fuel Dianas increasing paranoia. Another spiritual advisor,Rita Rogers, says she warned Princess Diana about an impending premonition.Rogers had regular visits with Diana and believed that the brakes in her car wouldbe tampered with. She also claims to have had a feeling of danger whenmeeting Dodi Fayed for the first time.

Simmons remembers how the psychic actually toldDiana that the Queen would die over a phone call. Such talk only increasedthe Princess clear paranoid state that something was about to happen.

She said, Rita has told me the Queen is going to die nextyear. This would be in 1994. She said that would mean that Charles would beKing and she would be Queen, Simmons recalls. Actually, I was shocked. Thefollowing year, she told me Rita had told her the Queen would abdicate. Shesaid it in all seriousness, she believed it. I asked her: I dont suppose thishas come from the same person who said the Queen was going to die?

Princess Diana also revealed to Simmons that she was driving home and her brakes appeared to fail. The scare really shook her to the core. One time she was driving home from seeing me and she said her brakes failed in heavy traffic. She bumped into the car in front of her and after making sure the driver was OK, she abandoned her car and jumped into a taxi to go home. Simmons says. She was terrified. She said Theyre trying to bump me off.

Princess Dianas relationships with healers, psychics, and the like only increased her ever-growing paranoid state. She was, however, correct that something was going to happen and she died in a tragic car accident in 1997.

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Princess Diana's Relationships With Psychics and Spiritual Healers - Showbiz Cheat Sheet

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