This Roleplaying AI Makes a Great Dungeon Master

A new roleplaying game uses a powerful AI algorithm to generate a text-based adventure in real time. And unlike past versions, the story makes sense.


When AI development firm OpenAI released its GPT-2 algorithm, it warned that the tech was capable of flooding the internet with fake news and propaganda. What it didn’t predict, however, is that the algorithm can also make a pretty effective dungeon master.

AI Dungeon 2 (playable here) uses the full-sized GPT-2 algorithm to bring players through a text adventure-style game that it writes in real-time based on the player’s prompts and commands. The game isn’t perfect — in my playing, it for some reason decided to name every single character “Dan” — but it’s fascinating all the same to let a powerful AI system take the wheel and steer the game’s journey.

It’s Learning

AI Dungeon 2 is a far cry from the first version of the game, which creator and Northwestern University grad student Nathan Whitmore built around a substantially weaker version of GPT-2. The first game was largely incoherent, but now it’s able to retain and remember settings, characters, and other basic elements of storytelling that usually elude artificial intelligence.

Dan overload detected.

Playing the game, I spent most of my time trying to get to the bottom of the whole Dan situation, following a mysterious Dan to a neighboring village, and delighting in a feast of fresh vegetables.

Meanwhile, AI scientist Janelle Shane wrote in her blog and tweeted about a much more exciting adventure, in which she ate the moon, competed in a baking contest with giraffes, and befriended skeletons.

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