Sophia the Robot Tells Crowded Room That It Doesn’t Have Sex – Futurism

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Sophia, the famous humanoid robot, had an important message for the crowd at the ongoing 2019 Web Summit: its single but not ready to mingle.

During the summit, Sophia was asked whether she actually, lets go with it has ever been in love. Sophia, a joint project between Hanson Robotics and SingularityNETs AI researchers, responded: No. I dont do sexual activities.

Though Sophia is an incredible piece of animatronic technology, much of what it says during public appearances is at least partially scripted in advance. As of press time, Hanson Robotics has not responded to Futurisms question about whether that was the case here.

While the robot apocalypse is stillprobably in the distant future, it seems that Sophia is content for now leaving a devastated trail of broken hearts in its wake.

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Sophia the Robot Tells Crowded Room That It Doesn't Have Sex - Futurism

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