‘New options’ for former Futurist site to go before Scarborough councillors in the new year – The Scarborough News

An artists impressions of the Flamingo Land plans.

Scarborough Councils leader, Cllr Steve Siddons, has revealed that new options for the site, whose permanent use has yet to be identified, will go before councillors in the new year.

The move comes after a review of the deal between the council and theme-park operator Flamingo Land, which unveiled plans earlier this year to build a rollercoaster, a 60m-high cliffhanger tower ride and a four-storey building housing restaurants and play areas on the former Futurist site.

Cllr Siddons said: Were listening to what people have said to us and were looking at the planning options that are available to us.

We will work with Flamingo Land, if Flamingo Land are happy to work with us and at this stage they are, and in the new year, either January or February, we will bring a paper to Full Council that sets out some new options for that site.

The first artists impressions of the attraction, branded Flamingo Land Coast, divided public opinion. Although a number of people welcomed the investment, saying it will boost the towns tourism, many thought it looked out of place. Some even went as far as saying it was a monstrosity.

Despite suggesting Flamingo Lands plans didnt come with a great deal of detail, Cllr Siddons admitted that the scheme was very much disliked. Should Flamingo Land refuse to make changes to its proposal, he said, the council will look for another developer.

He added: Lots of people are telling us that different scale of buildings might be more appropriate there but Flamingo Land have said theyre happy to work with us if they can.

Obviously theyll have their own views of what they need to deliver from a business perspective but they are our preferred developer and its only right that we work with them to start with.

If they can deliver what we want for the future after talking to residents, then were happy to work with them. If they say thats not what we want to do well have to look for someone else to develop that site.

Cllr Siddons made the remarks shortly after launching the councils new Building a Better Borough strategy which focuses on delivering on peoples priorities and listening to residents views. The scheme will start with a wide public consultation in the new year.

We cant please everybody all the time you ask 100 people what they think and youll get 100 different asnwers but what weve got to try and do is pull that together in a way that thinks about the heritage of that seafront location and to do something that helps our aspirations to deliver better quality jobs for people.


'New options' for former Futurist site to go before Scarborough councillors in the new year - The Scarborough News

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