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Baby on Board

Theres nothing worse than getting stuck next to a crying baby on board an airplane.

Fortunately, Japan Airlines has a new tool thatll allow you to get as far away as possible from crying infants on your next flight. Children between the ages of 8 days and two years who are booked on your flight will show up as adorable baby icons on the seat selection map while booking on the airlines website according to Japan Airlineswhich, venture capitalist Rahat Ahmed pointed out on Twitter, will give other passengers a much-needed heads up.

There are some limitations to the new feature. It only works when booking through Japan Airlines website. Infants booked through other sites wont show up as infants. And once youve booked your flight, theres no guarantee that the parent of a crying infant wont snag a seat near you anyway.

As for the parents, theyll be treated to hot water bottles, rental strollers, as well as diaper changing facilities on board.

Galaxy-brain approach: suck it upor get a pair of noise-cancelling headphones. Babies dont know theyre being annoying.

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Airline Tells You Where Crying Babies Are so You Can Avoid Them - Futurism

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