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On 8 January 2019 we celebrate 39 years of defining competence and integrity as a business, with 35 of these years promoting our hobby and our international astronomy community from our Laurel, Maryland showrooms

39 & 35

We fondly remember:

Bruce Roy Wrinkle (b. 7 August 1945, d. 28 April 2013) was the soul of our showroom; kind, witty, intelligent, and able to greet you with a funny joke. Bruce was was amazingly well read, able to hold conversations with doctors and scientists on matters from prions to dark matter. And he was our friend, a true friend in every sense of the word and every day without him lacks some luster.

And Robert Kim Carter (b. 18 Jan 1962, d. 23 April 2005) whose friendship and support originally brought this site on line in 1994. Robert founded one of the first Internet Service Providers of "Internet Valley", Digital Gateway Systems, Inc. in Vienna, Virginia. DGS used to be to ISP's, as Company Seven is to our industry.

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Company Seven | Astro-Optics Index Page

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