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Astronomy Ireland are run a twice yearly series of Evening Classes in many towns and cities all around the country.More details HERE

As the national astronomy society in Ireland with 3,000 active members and an even bigger public following we receive a lot ofrequests for information like this so we are very keen to provide a listing of every course in Ireland and you can help us bykeeping us up to date on changes or additions so we may keep this website up to date at all times.

Astronomy Ireland takes on people/students for Work Experience. Typically these are young people doing Transition Year studentsbut we also take on people doing FS courses and others. Email or call 086 06 46 555.

There are still some copies of the Astronomy and Space educationsupplement with what to study and where. Be sure you get your copy.

Astrophysics DeptTel:(021) 4903211

B.Sc in Physics with AstronomyCourse Director: Dr. Enda McGlynnTel: (01) 7005000

Physics with Astronomy and Space ScienceCourse Director: Lorraine HanlonTel: (01) 7162214

B.Sc. in Physics with AstrophysicsCourse Director: Ray ButlerTel: (091) 493788Email:

Physics with AstrophysicsHead of Department: Prof. J. Anthony MurphyTel: (01) 7083771

Physics with AstrophysicsHead of School: Prof. James Lunney.Head of Astrophysics: Dr. Peter Gallagher Tel: (01) 896 1300

The Department of Applied Physics& Instrumentation offers postgraduate studies in astrophysics, with emphasis on the development of high-speed imagingdevices.Tel: (021) 4326369

The Department of Physics and AstronomyDepartmental Office 028 9097 3941

There is an active research community of about 150 Irish astronomers (2007) in the universities of Ireland and D.I.A.S. who canbe contacted at:

The ASGI holds 2 meetings a year in one of the member institutions, usually around the date of the equinoxes, that last 1 or 2days where short talks on a wide variety of subjects are present and a guest speaker from abroad is usually invite. ASGI also hasan emailing list with notices of meetings, study and job vacancies, etc. Contact the secretary at their website.

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Astronomy Ireland | Studying Astronomy

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