Pacific Islands reach expands for Northpower

Pacific Islands reach expands for Northpower

7 June, 2012

An innovative Kiwi electricity and fibre company has announced it is extending its project work in the Pacific Islands.

Northpower, Northland owned electricity lines distribution company, hopes to expand the impact it is having in the Pacific by securing more project work in the next 12 months.

Speaking at ANZ Pacific Infrastructure Forum in Auckland today, Northpower outlined its growth curve for the Pacific Islands.

Northpower Business Development General Manager Sean Horgan says the company has already assisted with an extensive expansion and upgrade of Samoas electricity network following the completion of one key project.

A further two are underway in partnership with the Electric Power Corporation (EPC) of Samoa and these will be completed ahead of schedule later this year, says Mr Horgan.

For some time now we have been targeting other Pacific Islands projects for further growth most of which are part of an Asian Development Bank or World Bank funded programme.

We are currently assisting Meridian with the transmission circuit from the PV array to Tongas power network and we are also working with the Fiji Electricity Authority on a project.

More are in sight within the Pacific Islands, says Mr Horgan.

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Pacific Islands reach expands for Northpower

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