Islands High students get 'sciencey'

Science class at Islands High school is cool.

We get to go to the beach every other Friday and do research, said sophomore Gracie Bowden.

Students in the Research II class at the new science-themed high school said they get unique opportunities to further their interests in science.

Im doing research with barnacles like how quickly they come back, said Lucas Maurer.

Tuesday they spent the day cruising the Wilmington River and Wassaw Sound with Grays Reef National Marine Sanctuary Operations and Education Staff. They tested the water quality at various depths for pH, salinity, turbidity and dissolved oxygen using the same tools and equipment at professional research scientists, and they studied the estuarine organisms they collected in an otter trawl.

Its a nice little intro to field work for budding marine biologists, said Grays Reef Marine Operations Coordinator Todd Recicar.

Grays Reef conducted five education cruises for Islands high this year.

The water were sampling in the Wilmington River and Wassaw Sound will eventually work its way to Grays Reef and other offshore habitats, said Grays Reef Education Coordinator Cathy Sakas. This is experiential education at its best.

As the students familiarized themselves with the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration vessel they were sailing in, Jacob Parmerter volunteered to try on one of the ships cold-water immersion suits.

Parmerter said he and his classmates enrolled in the science theme high school because of their interest in the sciences, and opportunities such as Tuesdays research cruise engage them all the more.


Islands High students get 'sciencey'

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