Celebrity Private Islands: Bear Grylls

With the world still swooning over Prince William and Princess Kate’s Seychelles honeymoon there has been lots of attention on other celebrity private island owners. Most islomaniacs know about Mel Gibson, Richard Branson, and Leonardo DiCapprio.  What few people know is that TV show host and World Famous adventurer Bear Grylls is also a private island owner.

In a recent interview with the Telegraph Grylls reported “We spend a lot of time at our home in Wales every summer where we own a small island just off the coast. When I bought the island it was a stretch and I’ve had to put a lot of money into renovations over the years, but it’s a little private paradise. It has just one home on it and it doubles as a holiday property and an investment. We’ve really gained from it. ”

To read the full article visit the

(1) telegraph.
URL: http://www.telegraph.co.uk/finance/personalfinance/fameandfortune/2794441/Bear-Grylls-fame-and-fortune.html

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