Affordable Private Island Resorts

imagine-having-this-to-yourself-now-you-can_21378433A private island vacation doesn’t need to break the bank, there are literally dozens of affordable private island resorts located around the world that are affordable and offer a unique holiday opportunity. I want recently featured a number of properties that wont leave you feeling the pinch. Here is a couple of islands they featured.


Chapwani Island Resort, Tanzania


Chapwani Island Resort is located a mile to the west of the Tanzanian spice island of Zanzibar. For as little as £99 a night you can share the whole 5 hectare island with just 19 other guests in this fantastic eco resort. Surrounded by a beautiful coral reef and crystal blue waters, the beaches are wide and deserted. The 10 rooms are colourfully decorated in African prints and the restaurant serves fresh seafood like squid and clawless lobsters. Ask at reception to take a spice tour or a sailing trip with a local fisherman.

Cooper Island Beach Club, British Virgin Islands
While the British Virgin Islands are a haven for millionaires and billionaires, it may come as a surprise to learn that beds on the islands start at £123! Cooper Island Beach Club is based on one of around 60 islands in this Caribbean archipelago, which only measures one and half miles by one and a half miles. There are only 11 rooms in the resort, and with no clubs, cars or shops on the island, you literally can have a slice of this paradise all to yourself. Sip the notorious Painkiller cocktail invented here, or spend your days scuba diving on the off-shore reefs.

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