Research and Markets: Genetics, 6th Edition International Student Version Continues To Educate Today's Students for …


Dublin – Research and Markets ( has announced the addition of John Wiley and Sons Ltd’s new book “Genetics, 6th Edition International Student Version” to their offering.

Genetics is one of the most popular texts in use for the introductory course. It opens a window on the rapidly advancing science of genetics by showing exactly how genetics is done. Throughout, the authors incorporate a human emphasis and highlight the role of geneticists to keep students interested and motivated. The sixth edition has been updated to reflect the latest developments in the field of genetics. Genetics continues to educate today’s students for tomorrow’s science by focusing on features that aid in content comprehension and application.

New to this Edition:

– A new one-column design better showcases important pieces of art and avoids the overwhelmed reaction readers have to the crowded layouts found in many other texts. Boxed sections will be reduced in size to help maintain the flow of the text.

– The Focus On boxes (one per chapter) have been revised to include the most current developments in genetics as well as the most relevant topics to students.

– A streamlined topical coverage, vetted by a panel of Genetics instructors, makes for a text that is manageable in size. Snustad 6e will provide instructors and students with in-depth explanations of only those topics frequently covered in a one-semester course.

– Animated solutions to the solve it problems in the text, utilize Camtasia software. These tutorials provide step-by-step solutions that appear as if they are written-out by hand as an instructor voice-over explains each step.

– Supported by the Wiley Resource kit. The Wiley Resource Kit provides an easy way to provide you with media & assessment. The Resource Kit can be delivered through any Learning Management System (LMS). The offer is free to students, requires no cartridge or CTB license fees from Wiley.

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Research and Markets: Genetics, 6th Edition International Student Version Continues To Educate Today's Students for …

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