Please Stop Antagonizing the AMA

The American Medical Association (AMA) has one real function:

To Defend the Language of Medical Procedures (CPT codes).

They have done this by regularly publishing standard definition, enforcing access to licensing, cooperation with Center for Medicare / Medicaid Services (CMS), and aggressively defending their copyrights and trademarks.

They do not do this by “reorganizing a community of doctors.”

Please stop antagonizing the AMA by accusing it of ineffectiveness and corruption. It’s not relevant if these accusations could be true because these accusations are self-fulfilling. Empty accusations of ineffectiveness pressures the AMA to raise even more dubious funding to further purchase its own overextension. Then, to medical doctors, the more an organization resembles a pharmaceutical campaign, the less they will believe that organization legitimately represents them. Every glossy brochure, every phone call, every fax, every campaign further alienates doctors.

Eventually, somebody will breach the CPT wall and decades of wisdom will be dumped into the digital sea of craven monsters. Think: Napster. Imagine a world where musicians could effectively print their own cash by recording music and selling it online. Napster utterly destroyed that dream.

Is that what you want? To bring down medical doctors down to your level where everything you make is valued only by what it costs for other people to take it from you? That’s bad.

If you want to help doctors “organize,” then apply for a $30k receptionist job at a medical office and, from there, use your skills and vision to organize their operations. That’s a start.

Meanwhile, if continue to call people “Beezlebub” casually enough in passing conversation, then somebody will eventually believe you. That’s bad. There’s no mercy for people whom other people think are evil.

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