Shattered Citadel: WW3 Sci Fi

They Bleed Like Us

Mankind still recovering from WW3, goes to war against a hostile alien race. SC story.

Battle of Taiwan

The SC video that started it all. The spark that started WW3, the invasion of Taiwan.

SC Pic of the Week

A new creator drawn picture or map based on SC posted every Sunday.

New SC WebsiteRedesign

The old SC website is now gone and a new one was created. It took forever, but thank you for sticking with us!

Shattered Citadel on WATTPAD

SC is now on Wattpad. This is the direct link to our page there so you can read SC on the go. For FREE!

Support SC on Patreon

SC isn’t my primary focus. I am starting a Patreon to hopefully give me more time to work on SC and pay for its many costs.

Timeline of WW3(Complete)

The full WW3 timeline in four videos. A highly detailed breakdown of World War 3. Set in the SC sci fi universe,

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The rest is here:

Shattered Citadel: WW3 Sci Fi

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