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Hey, they may be hapless victims turned bloodlusting walking corpses, but living forever in eternal beauty is a great health benefit!

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Lucy: (After Helsing offers her “peace” in exchange to know Dracula’s whereabouts) Peace? Do you imagine I am in pain, professor? A tortured soul? Look at me, I’m magnificent! In my warm life, all that expected of pretty little Lucy was to marry well and become a brood mare. Squatting out children and dancing to my husband’s whims and fancies. Now I am so much more, I had to die to become fulfilled. I am stronger than all of you, faster,the things I can see and hearI am extraordinary!

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Caleb: I gotta play by the rules here. I know how you feel, I didn’t want to be a vampire either…at first. But after you get used to it, it’s pretty damn cool!



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Minerva: (To the hunters during a confrontation) I am envious, to become a walking corpse at this age. Still stuck with every wrinkle of my twilight years. -Sigh- Oh well, to feel younger is a most excellent prestige.

Harker: You can’t possibly enjoy such a ghastly activity as drinking blood every night, Lady Westenra?! Come to your senses!

Minerva: Ohoho, my dear boy, what you see as madness is just normalcy to me now. I’m sorry, but the me you know from before is dead. I’m am [Dracula’s] bride now and I do not intend to upset him.

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Transhuman Treachery – TV Tropes

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