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Gen Con is right around the corner (August 2-5), and SJ Games will be there in full force, playing games with all the fans! You can always stop by booth 1413 for a demo of any of our games, but if you’re looking for something a bit more scheduled, then our official event listings are what you want!

We’ll be running events in our organized-play section all weekend, featuring new Munchkin releases, classics like Ogre, Zombie Dice, and Illuminati, and the hot Munchkin Collectible Card Game.You can also learn to play our games in a more regimented way with our Learn To Play events, where you’ll walk through a full game and get a more personal experience. And for big-time tournaments, we’ve got you covered: Not only do we have the ever-popular Munchcathlon, but also our Munchkin CCG National Qualifier tournaments, leading into the Munchkin CCG National Championship on Saturday!

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