Hulk Just Exploded Into Bits and Pieces in The Immortal Hulk #35 – Screen Rant

Hulk just overloaded with green energy and exploded in The Immortal Hulk #35. Is the 'Immortal Hulk' more mortal than readers have believed?

Warning! Spoilers for Immortal Hulk #35 below

The Hulk is known for his body's extreme resilience. His body is so durable because of his ability to increase his strength through anger. Hulk is so close to immortal that he is often pitted against Marvel's strongest heroes and villains. Hulk has survivedcountless destructive events and deadly foes, but in The Immortal Hulk #35,his body was just completely obliterated by an explosion from within.

The Hulk is a hero so powerful that some of his fellow heroes once tricked him into leaving the earth because of his capacity for destruction. While he appears immortal (and become seemingly immortal in the current run) he has momentarily died in several comics only to be saved or revived by a miraculous event. His death in The Immortal Hulk #35was one of the most complete and brutal because his entire body was reduced to shreds of skin and bone in the final panel.

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The Immortal Hulk #35by Al Ewing, Mike Hawthorne, Mark Morales, Paul Mounts, Cory Petit, and Alex Ross ends with Bruce Banner's body left in tatters after he internally combusts. This issue finds Hulk helping build a house as part of his quest to do good and control his extreme emotions. His actions turn into a big press scene for the local mayor. Little does Bruce know, one of his greatest foes, The Leader is mere feet away from him, disguised as Bruce's close friend Rick Jones. Just as Hulk calms himself down from a close call with losing his temper, The Leader strolls up to him in Rick's body and lays a hand on his shoulder. The Leader charges Hulk's body with a green light that might be gamma radiation.

The green light energy fills The Hulk's body first escaping his eyes and mouth until it eventually explodes obliterating Hulk's body and killing two bystanders. The Leader is one of the most capable Hulk villains due to the superintelligence at his disposal. He, like The Hulk, was a product of gamma radiation. Fans have seen Hulk's body endure all kinds of punishment including getting his neck snapped in comics or his body scorched in Avengers: Endgame.Despite getting extremely close to dying many times, Hulk has rarely had his entire body destroyed such as in The Immortal Hulk #35.

The Leader has historically been one of The Hulk's fiercest opponents in the comics so has he finally done what seemed impossible? It is difficult to fathom what writer Al Ewing has in store for Marvel's big green powerhouse. This suspenseful story poses a question that Hulk fans have been pondering since his inception. Is the 'Immortal Hulk' truly immortal?

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Source: The Immortal Hulk #35

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Hulk Just Exploded Into Bits and Pieces in The Immortal Hulk #35 - Screen Rant

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